Monday, June 3, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Not-Investment Investment Pieces

Top: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Jeans: Victoria's Secret | Heels: Sam Edelman Portney | Bracelet: J.Crew | Watch: Fossil


My Blog Challenge prompt for the day was about religion, except I don't really have anything profound or even all that intelligent to say on the topic, and this is supposed to be a blog about frivolity. So instead: airquote investment pieces end airquote!

These aren't investment pieces in the usual "little black dress, white oxford shirt, nude pumps" kind of way. These are Samvestment pieces, if you will; (God semicolons are so douchey, sorry guys) random crap that found me by accident and somehow ended up getting worn more than the dark wash jeans and the black blazer. The best part is that some of them cost me less than a movie ticket and some of them... meant that I ate a lot of Ramen. You can just never tell.

Without further ado: Five of the Most Worn Things in my Closet That You'll Never See On A "Top 100 Pieces" List

The Color-Changing Sequin Party Dress
Otherwise known as The Vegas Dress. I wore it to Vegas, I wore it to my friend's wedding shower, I wore it under a blazer and a pencil skirt, I wore it on our spring break cruise, I'll wear it every time I ever go back to Vegas and probably on New Year's Eve. The elbow-length sleeves and actually respectable hemline make it feel not too showgirly and the all-effing-over sequins make it feel just showgirly enough.

The Red and Purple Plaid and Navy Gingham Shirts
American Eagle plaid shirt, J.Crew Factory gingham shirt
I bought both of these on a whim at the outlet mall and for whatever reason, I reach for them constantly. Maybe it's because I grew up in Kansas. Maybe it's because I like that they're a little bit boyish, and I'm pretty damn bro-ey myself. I have yet to find other clothes that they don't play nicely with, and that's a quality that I both deeply admire and deeply lack.

The Lime Green Quilted Moto Clutch
This guy. You might remember that I bought him in one of my Hulk-like states of shopping rage/amnesia (BUY ALL THE THINGS!) and cut the tags off before Fiscally Responsible Sam could rear her rarely-seen head. Bit of a hermit, that one. I made up for paying a month's worth of groceries for it by carrying it every day for two months and even now, almost every time I go out. It's just big enough to hold all my stuff, keeps my hands free for juggling and arm-wrestling and all those other things normal people do at bars, and stands out in a sea of black chain-strap crossbodies.

The Giant Emerald Green Earrings
Button-down and jeans not feeling fancy enough? Giant green earrings. Feather mini and a blazer not feeling fancy enough? Giant green earrings. Pretty sure the only outfit I haven't worn these puppies with is a bikini... *lightbulb!*

The Pointy-Toe Glitter Flats
Ivanka Trump Annulia, last seen here
Math isn't my jam, k? The only flats in my closet that could give my leopard babies (only not on this list because they DO show up on normal investment piece lists) a run for their money. It didn't hurt that they came to me in a dream (or a late-night online shopping spree, same thing) right after I saw the glitter Loubie flats on Pinterest. You know the ones.

Anyway, my point is this: do I love "clothes every girl should have in her closet" lists? Of course. Do I think you should probably spend a little more on things you'll wear forever? Talked me into it. But to me, an investment piece is something I'm going to love the shit out of and get Disneyland-level stoked about wearing every day. That's what clothes are supposed to do (besides, you know, cover your bits). That's the magic.


  1. You might be on to something there, as I, too, am from Kansas and overwear my plaid and gingham pieces. Ha.

    I totally agree with your last thought. Clothes should make you EXCITED to cover your bits.

  2. I will now start referring to myself as bro-ey. Because yes.
    And those earrings are killer!

  3. Love your Samvestment pieces :) too funny you tore the tags off your fun bag so you couldn't take it back. That'll be a fun one to have forever :) it makes me happy to see you back in blogland :)

  4. That dress is GORGEOUS! I think I would wear it every day if I could! Love these pieces :)

  5. i completely agree - some things you should just be SO EXCITED about every time. For me that's my Tibi Michael Jackson-esque purple jacket that is so unnecessary but so awesome

  6. I seriously adore you- Your blogs always make me laugh! And I love your style as well!

  7. Hi Samantha :o),

    you have such a pretty blog :),so I decided to follow you.I really do like your style and I've already gotten some inspirations.Plus you have such a nice smile...makes one happy :)...
    Many greetings from Slovenia and keep up the good work...

  8. I know you post about your outfits (this shirt ranks as my favorite...I pine for one like it), but I smell a hair tutorial post. That might not be your thing, which might just make it even better. And my gingham shirt ranks as one of my favorites, but I do not hail from Kansas. I just dress like my Dad who still wears shirts from high school. Only cool kids dress like their dads.


  9. All of these pieces are SO fun! That sequin dress is just killer.



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