Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fri...dammit. | November 22-28

A weekly roundup of all my favorite things. Hey, I'm a day earlier than last week!

Bloggers Who Killed It


{Here & Now} My pug-loving Nashville soulmate rocking the dress of my dreams.

{This Time Tomorrow} ...followed immediately by the bright blue fur vest of my dreams.

{MissLeaAnne} I have never once in my life liked polka dot jeans. I have a very serious fear of polka dots and other things that make it more likely I'll get carded for buying an R-rated DVD. But with a camel sweater and leopard heels? Done.

{Penny Pincher Fashion} Possibly the snuggliest black and white outfit I've ever seen.

{Sarah's Real Life & lenore lamé} Proving that my fiscally responsible inner demons are stupid and wrong, especially where Target is concerned. I've been pining over Sarah's skirt & Jacy's sweater every time I go grocery shopping, and as I suspected, they are perfect... I'd like to suggest a body part for my anti-shopping conscious to snack on, Elan Gale-style.

The World Outside of Style Blogs
I started a new job with a start-up company that I'm really, really excited about.
Find out more here.

The internets banded together to help a little boy like his glasses. Hey mom, why didn't you love me enough to do this when I hated MY glasses?

Oh, and I finally started playing Candy Crush. #holyaddiction

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Outfit of the Day | A Tiny Inconsequential Unimportant Announcement

Sweater: Old Navy | Vest: Target | Pants: Target | Boots: Report | Scarf: old, maybe F21 | Watch: Fossil | Cuff: Charlotte Russe

I'm so excited to be one of the first Chicago Outfitters for Trumaker, a San Francisco-based company that makes custom, built-to-fit shirts for men. (...women love our shirts too! If you've been searching for the perfect boyfriend-fit shirt, you're in luck.)

A few highlights:
Outfitters come to you, take your measurements, and offer style guidance totally free of charge.
These J.Crew/Brooks Brothers/Thomas Pink-quality shirts are totally customizable (think collar style, pockets, room for a watch) and, starting at just $98, the cost and time of tailoring are already included.
Once your first shirt is delivered and you confirm that the fit is perfect, your preferences and measurements are entered into your online account, and you can shop without thinking about sizing ever again.
Dry clean friendly and machine washable. Say whaaaaa?

Out here in the blogosphere, we sometimes forget that the sacred act of shopping isn't fun for everyone. Most men hate malls, and they really hate shelling out cash (that would be better spent on an almost-legal scotch or the Xbox One) than on clothes that don't even fit right. Most off-the-rack shirts don't fit most men, and most men would rather chew off their own arm than spend precious non-9-to-5 time at the tailor. An absolutely customized, perfect-fitting shirt is a little day-to-day luxury that guys may not think to get for themselves.

If you're in the Chicago/Kansas City/Indianapolis areas, I'd love to talk to you about getting the men in your life hooked on Trumaker! Bloggers, if you (or your husband/boyfriend/best friend/brother/dad/coworkers) are interested in reviewing a Trumaker shirt, you're going to love the referral program. And ohhh yes, little elves, we do have gift cards.

Want more details? Let's chat.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Shorts & a Blanket Scarf

Sweater: Old Navy | Shorts: American Eagle | Boots: ShoeMint 'Britt' | Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's | Scarf: Zara | Earrings: F21 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew | Ring: Kohl's, old {similar}

Obviously logic dictates that when it's so cold you'd rather wrap a blanket around your neck than wear a conventional scarf, you should probably also be wearing shorts.

Happy Monday!

It's the last week of the Take One, Pass It On challenge! I wouldn't be shocked if this scarf and this sweater made another appearance before the week's out...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fri…Sunday Faves | November 15-21

A weekly roundup of all my favorite things.
Better late than… (trails off like Night At The Museum. Anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?)

Bloggers Who Killed It


{River City Chic} Be still my tweedy, neutral-loving heart.

{Hello Fashion} If I had a dollar for every time I've almost pulled the trigger on a sequin maxi skirt… I'd probably have enough to buy a sequin maxi skirt.

{Let It Be Beautiful} This post (and knowing I was about to sit through a freezing cold football game) was the kick in the pants I needed to go pick up the Zara blanket scarf. Pics coming soon… as in tomorrow.

{Franish aka Fran-diggity-dog, Fran-tastic, Frannypants...} My very favorite person to nickname is killing this whole med school dress code thing.

{Katie's Bliss} Funniest story of the week + perfect heels. And I would have reacted the exact same way.

{Hello, Gorgeous!} 5 Layering Tips from the queen of layering.

{My New Favorite Outfit} There isn't a single detail about this look that isn't perfect. I love all the textures!

The World Outside of Style Blogs
We talk a lot about unplugging from our iPhones and such… but what about our blowdryers? Refinery29 had a really fun article on ways to do your hair, granny-retro style.

If you want to avoid a full-on explosion of the heart/uterus, do not look at pictures of this toddler and his "puppy brother" taking daily naps together. And definitely don't follow them on Instagram.

Did you guys know this was a real thing?! Why in the world did this not article come to me before Vegas...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Dirty Hair & A Twofer

Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl's | Dress: Calvin Klein {similar} | Heels: Nine West 'Booboo' {similar} | Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's | Necklace: Charming Charlie's {similar} | Watch: Fossil | Ring: Kohl's, old {similar}

First things first, I passed on the necklace from yesterday because I really, really wanted to wear this outfit.

Second things second, I had an interview - not to be a lawyer. I'm looking into getting back in to event planning, and even though it feels a little silly to have gotten a law degree just to go right back to what I did in undergrad, I'm excited. With the legal market being what it is (shitty, is what it is), it's nice to have some options. Plus... I love planning almost as much as I love clothes. So cross your fingers for me.

Third things third, this is like fifth day hair. Not to toot my own horn or anything but TOOT TOOT MOTHASUCKAS. Pro tip: when your hair is greasy at the roots from, you know, not washing it and nasty at the ends from wearing it in a messy bun the day before, dry shampoo + all of the heat spray + baby curling iron + all of the hairspray = passable updo. 

Cardi: F21 {super similar} | Dress: Lush via Nordie's | Boots: Report {similar} | Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's | Necklace: Charming Charlie's {similar} | WatchFossil | Ring: Kohl's, old {similar}

And thissss is what I wore to my Gap shift that I picked up last minute. Have I mentioned that I love working in retail? Why have I never worked in retail? I organized the entire clearance section and it was like therapy. Touching clothes makes me happy.

 pleated poppy

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Neon, Gold, & Stripes

Sweater: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Tee: old, via TJMaxx {super similar} | Jeans: American Eagle | Flats: Steve Madden 'Vegasss' {these have badass cap toes} | Necklace: Charming Charlie's {similar} | Ring: Charlotte Russe | Earrings: Target

Day two at Gap = lots of folding aka lots of petting pretty things. I ain't mad at it.

Anyway, y'all know I love neon. I love head to toe neon, I love brights on brights... surprise surprise, I loved me some Lisa Frank back in the day. I aspire to be an air traffic control person, waving little neon orange sticks around and letting the power go to my head. But sometimes, I want my neon to look a little more grown up, and when that happens I wear one piece of neon and some gold accessories. Am I qualified to give style advice? ehhhh. But assuming I am for the next ten seconds or so, skip the colorblocking and try out neon and metallics next time you give your highlighter clothes a go-round.

And because Gap knows my soul, here are some neon-ey outfits that came to me during my fitting room adventures/wildest dreams:

this waffle-y tee in gray & this scarf in pink vibration (it's more of a deep orangey-pink in person)
this tank in ivory & this cardi in energetic peach

If you're so inclined... (you are, trust me) don't forget to use code MERRY at checkout for 35% off, and sign up for eBates to get an additional 5% cash back. The code ends tonight!

I used the jeans from yesterday for Take One, Pass It On. And it was honestly a struggle not to wear that sweatshirt again.

Linking up with Walking in Memphis in High Heels and The Fashion Canvas for Trend Spin - Sweaters

Monday, November 18, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Third Time's a Charm... or Kinda Gross.

Sweatshirt: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Shirt: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: ShoeMint 'Britt' {similar} | Scarf: Kohl's, old | Bracelet: J.Crew | Ring: F21 or Charlotte Russe {similar in silver}

So... this is awkward. I think I cheated at Take One, Pass It On. But I literally (not actually literally... I may exaggerate, but I am literate) could not peel this sweatshirt off my body all weekend. So I stopped fighting it and wore the damn thing to my first night of work at Gap!!!

I love it. Except I want to buy the entire store, men's side included. THOSE PLAIDS.
And the discount. ahmaaahhhzzzing. Except I have to pay rent before I can use it...

The moral of this story is go buy this sweatshirt and also I can now fold jeans better than you.

still being [molly] My Thrifty Chic

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Faves | November 8-14

A weekly roundup of all my favorite things.

Bloggers Who Killed It


{The Classy Cubicle & Lex What Wear} Wearing the (plaid) pants like a bosssssss.

{Lynette Marie} MAH GIRL. That dress, that necklace, those pumps with those tights. And you guys know how I feel about tights...

{love zahra} Looking amazing in a combo of brights & neutrals - and she's right here in Chicago!

{Chic Street Style & For All Things Lovely} Leather, graphic sweaters, and ankle strap pumps.

{fleurani} Drooling over that dress and that necklace. MIAUH!

{Glitter and Gingham} You guys may remember seeing my brain explode on Twitter over this outfit last week. holy perfect

The World Outside of Style Blogs
So Ender's Game and Thor were phenomenal. And now I have the Hunger Games double feature to look forward to next week, and this gem comes out next year. Sleeping Beauty is my jam. Have I ever told you guys that my grandma tried to name me Briar Rose? Hand to God.

Paperless Post, where have you been all my life? I love sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, just because cards... but sometimes it's such a hassle to track down an address, make sure you have stamps, and find a post office box. These have cute envelopes and everything! I'm sold.

This pin works, by the way. But slow your roll Paula Deen, you do NOT need an entire stick of butter.

Eye Candy: Your Weekend Shopping List

Outfit of the Day | It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Jacket: Rubbish via Nordie's {similar, could actually be the exact one} | Sweatshirt: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Jeans: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Flats: American Eagle, oldddd {similar, awesome gray tasseled loafers, similar glittery} | Scarf: Target {similar} | Bracelet: J.Crew{similar, similar} | Watch: Fossil

So I inadvertently dressed like an elf today. Snowflake sweater, green and red everything, silver and gold "tinsel"... it's official, I've become my mother. The woman tries to put the tree up before Halloween.

Thanks so much for all your tights advice this week! I'm putting together a tights guide for people who hate tights. It's my calling, I think. Anyway, I'm pulling some of your advice from the comments (with credit, of course!) and if you have any more, I'd love to hear it. Tweet me or email me your little nuggets of genius!

Linking up with the Take One, Pass It On challenge at Sarah's Real Life and with aj wears clothes for the Friday Favorites remix!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Free Sweaters & Butterfinger Cheesecake

Sweater: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Pants: Target {similar with cool pockets} | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' {similar loafer, similar with fun straps} | Fur snood: Target {similar} | Rings: F21 {similar midi rings, similar pearl ring}

So yesterday, I found $80 in Kohl's cash that I swore I threw away, and even though it was expired, the lady at Kohl's agreed to accept it "as long as I spent the full $80 on this trip."


And that's how this delightful, sparkly, J.Crew knock-off-ey, technically free sweatshirt came home with me. And then Boyfriend was all, come help me decide if I need a 55" or a 60" 3D TV (because boys)... oh Best Buy is right beside The Cheesecake Factory, we should probably go... and this is one reason why I have fairly frequent moments where I'm all yeah, I'll keep you.

I passed on the shoes from yesterday for the Take One, Pass It On challenge.

Linking up with Mix and Match Fashion and Simply Just Lovely

Also... I start work at Gap this week! I'm so excited, and I can't believe I've never worked in retail. Obviously I'd love to be starting my legal career, but since options are slim right now, I'm happy to have some kind of paycheck and a dress code that's awwweeesssooome. As in, I could wear this to work. Pinch meeeeee

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Tights & Other Life Ruiners

Jacket: Ali & Kris {similar with leather sleeves} | Tee: F21 {similar} | Skirt: F21 {similar in camel, tweed} | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' | Belt: Target | Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's | Cuff: Charlotte Russe

I am right on the cusp on my first Chicago winter, and having nearly lost a hand and two hussy ankles to frostbite while walking home from getting froyo last night (no gloves, cuffed jeans, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, strawberries, and cheesecake pieces on top of cake batter frozen yogurt), I can appreciate the objective value of things that allow you to keep your outer extremities.

I hate tights. I hate them. I would love this outfit 100x more without the tights (and, you know, if it were 65 and sunny outside. that may be the real issue here) but the tights and sub-cheerful-Sam temps are here to stay. I suppose I could have gone with colored tights, but I feel like a clown in colored tights, and clown is not the vibe I'm going for.

Fix my legs, please. Suggestions welcome, encouraged, desperately sought, or it's going to be a longgggg winter.

Things that suck as much as tights: the word "moist" and not-a-winner lottery tickets.

Oh, and I should probably mention... the tights are what I passed on from yesterday. DAMN YOU TAKE ONE PASS IT ON.

 pleated poppy

Also linking up with Style Elixir

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Outfit of the Day | The Girliest Grandpa

Jacket: black rivet via HauteLook {love this quilted one} | Shirt: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Skirt: F21 | Flats: Dolce Vita 'Lunna' {same with spots} | Tights: Target | Necklace: ASOS {similar} | Bracelet: J.Crew {BaubleBar version, Lord & Taylor version}| Watch: Fossil 

I'd rewear my vest every day of this Take One, Pass It On challenge, but I feel like I'd be missing the general point of it being, you know, challenging.

So instead, I took the bro-iest shoes in my closet and decided to girlify them like no grandpa shoe had been girlified before with a hot pink shirt and a mini. And tights. And a leather jacket. BECAUSE SNOW. Surprise snow, which is the best kind, especially when you walk five blocks to Starbucks without an umbrella or a hat because it's not snowing and then you have to walk five blocks home in a slush storm.

Hooking up (platonically... winkity wink) with Walking in Memphis in High Heels and The Fashion Canvas for the Trend Spin Linkup - Brights!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Tweed, Plaid, Stripes & Grandpa Loafers

Sweater: Target, old {similar} | Vest: Target | Jeans: American Eagle | Flats: DV Dolce Vita 'Lunna' {same in a fun spotty print} | Scarf: via Kohl's, old {almost exact} | Necklace: F21, old {super similar for cheap} | Watch: Fossil

ahhhh... The Vest. I adore this thing. I only have one other vest (a situation which should be remedied immediately if not sooner, obviously, probably with either this or this), a white pleather number from Forever, that I thought at the time would go with everything but in reality somehow goes with nothing. Clothes are weird.

My grandpa loafers are sort of the same thing. I don't think I've worn them on the blog since this outfit, because I feel like there's a pretty specific vibe they give off, but instead of giving up on them like I do my poor pleather vest, I think of them as playing hard to get. They're like the unsluttiest shoes in my closet, both because no self-respecting whoring jezebel would be seen in loafers and because they don't go with just anything.

aaaand that's probably enough shoe/slut shaming for your Monday morning.

My Thrifty Chic

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Faves | November 1-7 & Some Sunshine

A weekly roundup of all my favorite things.

Bloggers Who Killed It


{Cover Up Chic} I love how she layered a lace tank over a button down.

{Kacie's Closet} Grey, pink, python, and purple booties. Because why not be awesome.

{A Spoonful of Style} This girl has layering accessories down to a science.

{A Southern Drawl} She had me at "camel pencil skirt." Plus, ankle booties + socks? I think I dig it!

{Corilynn} I shy away from colored tights because I think they make me look like pre-k, but these are all grown up and amaaaahhhzzziinnng with that scarf.

{Bows & Sequins} I avoid polka dots for the same reason, but these are so hot! Plus, Vested Interest? The lawyer in me went all googly-eyed. ;)

{Professionally Petite} Get ready to feast your eyes on the sweater jacket of your dreams.

{The Parlor Girl} Plaid and leopard. I won't even elaborate.

{MissLeaAnne} I've lived in Chicago for two months and I already feel myself morphing into a coat girl.

{Bedazzles After Dark} Some camo, some stripes, some neon, some badass sunnies... I'm in.

{Along the Lines of Style} You know how I feel about navy and pink.

The World Outside of Style Blogs

I watched the final episode of What Not To Wear and cried like a baby. Naming my firstborn "Stacyandclinton." Or "Colorpattern Textureshine."

I can't wait for Boyfriend to get home from his work trip so we can go see thissssss.
(In 3D. With Jimmy John's.)

Funemployment = I watch too much TV. I need some book suggestions - what's your favorite?

The Sunshine Award 
Thanks so much to Cait at Your Favorite Girlfriend for nominating me for the Sunshine Award way back in September! I think these things are so much fun, and it's always sweet to be thought of! 

Cait's questions:

1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Brainstorm every possible reason to not get out of bed. And if I'm really trying not to go vertical, I overachieve and come up with a few impossible ones, too.

2. What is the 3rd picture on your phone? Share it!
This one. And it makes me snort laugh every time.
(In hindsight, I went third most recent. Is that weird? Did I do it wrong?)

3. What TV show are you most excited about returning this fall?
HOMELAND!!! Boyfriend and I just caught all the way up and I cannoottttttt wait for Sunday night!

4. What is something really popular that you secretly (or not so secretly) loathe?
50 Shades of Gray. I don't see the draw. I don't care who they cast. I don't care who tied up who with what. I don't carrreeeeee.

5. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them! Bonus points for pictures.
Whoa-ho-ho buddy, I do in fact have pets. Wanna read all about them? Of course you do!

6. If you could put together one outfit that represents you perfectly, what would it be?
This is still one of my favorite outfits ever. The skirt is one of my all-time favorites (I just wore it here!), and I love the combination of the tee, skirt, and ankle boots.

7. What is your favorite adult beverage?
Whiskey. As in, straight Jack Daniels. From the bottle. Otherwise, I love very cheap wine. As in, if it costs more than $9.99, it does not darken my doorway. #classybroadsquad

8. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
I've seen this one before... my answer stands.

9. What are 3 positive words to describe you?
Nerdy (I love nerdy things and the people who love them), dog-lover (okay that's two)...

10. How excited are you to be nominated?

My 10 question for any of you who feel like answering (tag, you're all it!!):
1. What movie are you most excited to see?
2. What's your perfect date? (Don't say April 25th. Or do.)
3. Show us your pets. Dooo itttt.
4. Who's your celebrity style icon?
5. What's your favorite thing you wore this week?
6. If you could only shop at one store for the rest of time, what would it be?
7. Do you shop online or in stores?
8. What are your three favorite blogs to follow?
9. What's the best book you've read recently?
10. What shoes would you buy first if you won the lottery?

Outfit of the Day | Navy & Black, and Other Gateway Drugs

Sweater: Target | Vest: Target | Skirt: via TJMaxx {similar} | Boots: ShoeMint 'Britt' {similar} | Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's | Bag: Target | Necklace: F21, old | Ring: Charlotte Russe {similar, not that similar but I think I like it even better}

I feel like it used to be a thing that you can't wear navy and black together, kind of like no white jeans after Labor Day and matching your shoes/belt/bag. But I love me some white post-Labor Day, and sometimes I don't even wear belts, and here I am in a navy skirt and black boots and you just never know what I'll do next.

Here's what I'm doing next: ripping mad shots of Sudafed and reuniting with the Bartlet administration while I float in and out of consciousness. The club cannot even handle me right now.

Having a blast with the Take One, Pass It On challenge so far.
Huge ups to Sarah at Sarah's Real Life for hosting!

Also linking up with aj wears clothes for the Friday Favorites remix!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Outfit of the Day | The Target Coma

Sweater: Target - buy it in every color!! | Pants: Target {same in different colors} | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' {similar} | Scarf: Target | Watch: Fossil | Ring: F21 {similar} | Earrings: F21 {similar}

Guys are you sitting down? I have a Target problem. #thankyoucaptainobvi

I can't remember exactly, because I'm pretty sure I black out the second I walk in the door, but I think on this particular trip I went in for shaving cream and came out with this scarf, three bra & panty sets (because Gilligan & O'Malley, ohhh emmm geee), a day planner, and obviously no shaving cream. And somehow, even though I went in intending to spend $3.50 and GTFO, I spend $100 and I'm impressed with myself that it's not more.

Oh, and that vest I can't stop wearing? Went in intending to buy this lamp, left with two lamps, the vest, and a new set of makeup brushes. Psychology majors, there has to be some sort of word for this. Don't worry, I'm not expecting it to be flattering.

Anyone else getting (routinely) bit by the Target amnesia bug? Oh, all of you? Cool.

Check out everyone who's participating in the Take One, Pass It On challenge at Sarah's Real Life.

MIX MATCH The Fashion Canvas
Also linking up with Simply Just Lovely for Working Girl With Style

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shopfest: Forever21

So I did a little Wednesday afternoon window (computer screen) shopping, and since I really shouldn't even spring for a pack of gum right now, I figured I'd share my spoils with you and live vicariously through all the outfit pics you'll tweet at me.

Because you will tweet me outfit pics. That's my price.

That vest, man. That vest.

Be sure to sign up for eBates for an extra 2% cash back, and use code EBATESPLUS for 10% off all plus-size orders, F21SWEATERS10 for 10% off all sweaters, and EXTRA15 for 15% off sale. Happy spending!

Outfit of the Day | Plaid, Fur, and THE VEST

Top: Old Navy {similar} | Vest: Target | Pants: Target | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' {similar, similar with ankle strap} | Fur: Target, old {similar, similar in fun colors} | Watch: Fossil

I can't help but think that I'd love my outfit from yesterday and this outfit approximately one million fofillion times more if these pants were actually these camo pants from Gap. Because I know I said this yesterday but seriously, if this outfit had some camo, neon, and sequins, it would literally be all of my favorite things in one outfit. And also I'd look like some sort of schizophrenic bedazzled lumber-Yeti.

Check out everyone who's participating in the Take One, Pass It On challenge at Sarah's Real Life.

 pleated poppy All Things Unpredictable and Chic

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Floral & Leopard, Neon & Cargo Pants

Cardi: Target | Top: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Pants: Target {I'd chop off my own arm for these} | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' {same in different color} | Scarf: Simply Vera via Kohl's {similar}

Even though it was a beautiful wonderful amazing 60 degrees in Chitown yesterday, it's still November, and I still think this outfit is right on the cusp of being too summery for November.

But seasons be damned, it's all of my favorite things in. one. outfit. squuueeeeeeeeeee!!!!

So this is technically my first day passing something on for the Take One, Pass It On challenge at Sarah's Real Life. And I'm a complete puss, so I picked the scarf from yesterday. Start small, aim low!
(And thus ended my career in motivational speaking.)

Shopping PSA
Target's got a 20% off all clothing and shoe orders over $75 sale going on until November 9th.

Plus, if you have a RedCard you get another 5% off and free shipping.
^^ Don't eeeeeven get me started. I know the RedCard credit card is scary, but you should all have the debit card. It links straight to your checking account, and you get 5% off every purchase and free shipping on every order online. Even furniture! It's insane. Ipso facto you're insane if you don't get one.

PLUS, if you sign up for eBates and shop through the Target link, you get another 6% cash back.
^^ The double cash back from eBates may only last today, so hurry!

For those of you playing along at home, that's 31% off this vest that I'm obsessed with and should probably also own in plaid, this sweater, this dress (unless you hate freedom & things that fit like a glove), these booties, and the cardi I'm wearing in this post.

Go forth and spend all the dollars!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Pink & Leopard

Blazer: The Limited Black Collection | Dress: Calvin Klein {similar} | Heels: Nine West 'Flax' {awesome version with ankle straps} | Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's | Scarf: Simply Vera (I think) via Kohl's, old {similar} | Watch: Fossil | Ring: F21

Fun scarves are a super safe way to mix prints at work (especially in the winter, I'm suspicious of all you sweat-gland-less weirdos and your summer scarves). If you have to go to court or a meeting or somewhere else that's inherently unfit for fun and enjoyment, leave it at your desk.

I'm joining in the Take One, Pass It On challenge at Sarah's Real Life this month, so be sure to check out everyone else who's playing along and check back here tomorrow to see which one of these pieces gets remixed!

still being [molly]

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