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Blog Dogs | Indy & Brooklyn

Welcome to Blog Dogs! Every week or so we're going to hang out with the dogs behind some of our favorite bloggers, because I can't get my fix off your Instagram feeds anymore! So if you're into pictures of cute puppies and getting to know all of the reasons why they're so stinking adorable, stay tuned. And if you'd like to tell us all about your dog, email me!

First up: my little muffins. Obvi. :)

1. Introduce us to your little furbaby!

Indy is my big handsome boy, and Brooklyn is my nugget. Monkeyman and Little Dog. Mr. Pinders and Brook-a-lyn. Indybug and Nuggiebear. I am a nicknaming connoisseur, just ask poor Fran-diddy.

2. Where and when and how did you get Indy and Nugget?

This would have taken roughly three novels... so we vlogged it. Oh yes, we. The three of us. Scroll scroll scroll!

3. What are their favorite toys?

Nugget's favorite toy is whatever Indy is playing with at the moment, usually one of these Nylabones... we have three in the apartment at all times. She also loves water bottles. He loves anything with a squeaker. They both really love ice cubes more than life itself so I don't know why I bother with toys.

4. Tell us your favorite Indy/Nugget story. Come on, you know you have one.

I have thousands. Some of them are in the vlog, others we'll save for another day. But also, this video where Nugget decided to growl at herself in the mirror.

AND after Indy had his big surgery we went to pick him up and the morphine he was on made him super weird. Like, he tried to climb in the back of the car but he stopped with his front half in the car and his back legs on the ground and just started whimpering because he couldn't figure out how to do it. It was very David After Dentist.

5. Do Indy and Nugget have any funny quirks?

Huskies aren't supposed to be able to bark, but Nuggiebear can because she was raised by Indy. So that's always a funny sound, because it's very not-doglike.

6. Where do they sleep?

Nugget sleeps in bed, on top of my legs at all times. Indy rotates between in front of the doors and the couch. He's our protector.

7. Can Indy or Nugget do any tricks?

I mean, they can both sit. I'm not a super on-top-of-it owner that way.

8. If you could describe Indy and Brooklyn's personality in one word, what would it be?

Indy: derpy. Because... he derps around when he gets excited. I don't know how else to explain it.
Brooklyn: sassypants.

9. Are there any doggy products you can't live without?

10. What's the best advice you have for someone who's considering getting a dog?

Be realistic about what you can handle. Like, oh I don't know... a puppy during grad school? Probably not. Know what you want going in, and stalk Petfinder.com until you find it. And you will find it, just be patient.

And now... the vlog! The first ever! The over/under on times I say "like" is 248.


  1. the cuteness. I can't even handle it.

    justkidding, I can! I LOOOVE THEM! & Nugget growing at the mirror? Stinkin adorable. Makes me want a bigger dog to be my lap pet :)

    -Jenna Brianne

    1. ehrmagherd she's so cute sometimes. AND YES YOU SHOULD GET A GIANT DOG! They're the best lap dogs :)

  2. You did a great job on your first vlog!! You have had some crazy drama with those dogs, but they are seriously part of the family. Don't worry, we spent thousands of dollars getting surgery for our family dog too, its just what you do. :-) Your pups are so cute, and the mirror video is hilarious!


    1. Thanks girl! I was so nervous! And yes, they are very much my family. We're a package deal :)

  3. So I love that you are just as funny on your vlog as you are in your written pots. :) It sounds like you've had a wild ride with your dogs. Just recently our beagle at my husbands old razors. Yeah, razors. She's gotten into so much stuff my husband said we weren't going to take her to the vet again, if she died, she died. He act sully does have a soul, I swear, the the money we've spent after the various instances of eating things she shouldn't is bananas. Luckily, she didn't die.

    1. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE ATE RAZORS AND LIVED! I'm emailing you so you can be on this series because I MUST KNOW MORE

  4. SAM IN REAL LIFE. you sound so much different than i thought but that's because I just made you sound like me...but in my head.

    that being said, I CAN NOT WAIT for more blog dog posts. I would make a vlog right this moment but my two asshol....babies are barking at squirrels and no body wants to hear that. especially me.

    1. Hahahahaha first I'm sorry I don't sound just like you because it would be super cool if we could be twins. And I love that I'm not the only one who says mean things to my dogs. But I always do it in a sweet voice! So I think that makes up for it

  5. You are hilar and gorgeous in real life (vlogging is real life, don't you know)... and I had to stop watching because Doug wouldn't stop trying to communicate with your dogs through the computer screen (aka he was acting like a maniac and tried to eat my keyboard)... but I will continue later sans dogs. Add me to the list of crazy dog ladies who decided that just she HAD to get TWO in grad school... I think I might be the derpy one :)

    1. Please, please record DTP trying to commune with the nuggets. If he's cray I feel like him and Brookin would be besties. We are super derpy grad school dog ladies... that's a compliment.

  6. The pillow was pissing me off on the couch, so I tossed it. Without realizing, I knocked Roxy with it. It's chilling on top of her now. She grumbled but didn't move. I think she likes it, or she's lazy. Or both. In the other corner, Squirt is yodeling because why wouldn't you yodel at 10:00 at night? Your fur babies are adorable, and three cheers for adopting. Adopting this pair of sisters (no idea how they're related except for being the same color) was the best decision ever.

    I'm excited for a dog series, and I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with her pups. Fact: dog people are the best people.


    1. BAAAHAHAHA this story is amazing. And yes, adopt adopt adopt. I'd never do it any other way!

  7. OH MY GAWD!!! I am in love with your dogs. We had a GSD/Husky mix and she was the best dog ever. Can I come live at your house and just play with your dogs all day? Pleeeeese? We don't currently have dogs because our landlord doesn't allow them and we're waiting until my husband finishes school. So I am super jealous of anyone who has pups.

    1. You can!!! Or I'll send Nugget to live with auntie Erin for a few weeks when she gets extra annoying ;)

  8. OMG. This is officially my new favorite blog series EVER. I am a dog nut, and would be lost without my sweet Pippin (who we call Nugget/Nuggie, too!!). My husband and I are both in grad school, and we just applied to adopt another dog...are we nuts? Yes, but WE LOVE DOGS.

    Your pups are absolutely darling! I loved reading more about them and seeing them (and you!) "in action" in the videos. I'd totally be up for featuring my pup on your blog!!! Whenever I find out people love dogs as much as I do, my respect for them goes up 2094 notches. Truth.


    1. I WILL EMAIL YOU. I respect dog people instantly, it's like a secret fraternity of awesome.

  9. Oh my goodness. That vlog had me in tears I was laughing so freaking hard. Well done on the first, please don't let it be your last.


    1. Thank you thank you, we were so nervous. We're all just lucky smell doesn't come through in vlog form...


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