Monday, July 22, 2013

What Lies Within Us


(if you need a little pep talk for your Monday as much as I do...)

I am one test and nine days away from this whole life that I've kind of always wanted and kind of always been a little scared of. And I'm trying my very best to keep that in mind, no matter how shamble-y everything (EV. ER. Y. THING.) feels right this second.

Happy week, pretties! Other bar ladies, you got this.
See you on the other side.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Stealth Pajamas

Sweater: Old Navy | Shorts: Charlotte Russe | Sandals: Target | Necklace: Charming Charlie | Watch: Fossil | Blank Expression: IL Bar Exam

It's that time, kids.
That time where sweats and not showering start to look reeeaaallll niiiice.
(Who am I kidding that's all the time.)
But I refuse to give up yet, I'm saving that for next week. My compromise is boycotting the blow dryer and wearing elastic-waist shorts that feel like pjs but look like big girl pants. You guys I'm dangerously close to buying my second-ever pair of harem pants (you know, because the first ones get worn so damn much). Elastic is like cocaine to me right now. Elastic waists and sports bras. And caffeine. Lawdamercy, the caffeine. At this point I just walk up to the counter at Starbucks and make a general sweeping motion with my arms.

All of the coffee you have. Do you understand?


 pleated poppy

Monday, July 15, 2013

On Meaning Well & Really Sucking At It

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Maybe it's an only child thing, but since I don't have brothers and sisters, I sort of just adopt my friends.
(Is it adoption if they don't have any say in it or just thinly veiled kidnapping? Do not answer that.)

I've always felt lucky to get to choose my own little family, to love them to pieces because they're awesome and not because we have the same parents. And since I am wholly incapable of doing absolutely anything in moderation, that love comes standard with a super-intense desire to rip anything that hurts them to shreds and tap dance on the ashes. Because that's not a fucking sign of a budding sociopath or anything...

So when bad things happen to them (and lately it seems like all of the bad things have decided to happen to all of them at once), my reaction is to FIX IT. FIX IT NOW. MAKE IT STOP. It's mostly selfish -- I'm better at doing the hurting than watching them hurt. I'm horrible at doing nothing, at feeling beyond useless times infinity, at staying the hell out of the way (what do I do with my hands?!), even when I know that nothing I do can make it better but I could probably stumble across a way to make it worse.

If there's one thing I lack (and let's be real there are ssoooooo maaannnny, but this particular gem I lack IN SPADES), it's being any good at waiting. But I know that the reason I picked them in the first place is because they are amazing and strong and perfectly capable of kicking life's ass without me, so I will sit here and shut up and let them hurt and I'll be waiting with terrible jokes and lots of shots when they come out on the other side.

If you can spare some extra happy thoughts or prayers or however it is that you channel your good vibes, I promise you they deserve them. I'll be keeping myself busy every second of every hour of every day -- bar exam, you're finally good for something! -- and resisting the urge to light anyone on fire who even thinks about telling them to dance in the rain.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Big Reveal & Closet Sale pt. I

(PLAY THIS FIRST! This whole thing gets much more impressive when set to music)

Notice anything?! Le old layout has been needing a facelift for awhile, and much like I tend to scrub and sterilize my apartment only when I should be studying for finals, I finally sat down and just designed the damn thing when I should be, you know, studying for that little bar exam thingy. Schwoopsies...

Anyway, if you notice any bugs or weird glitchy things, you'd be doing me a huge solid if you let me know about it. I've only really checked it out on my Mac, so Windows and mobile readers I'm lookin' at you here. If you've got one of the old buttons, I'd love if you'd update it (the code is over on the right) - shoot me an email if you want to swap!

Part I of the epic saga that will be The Closet Sale is also live, just click that little super-misleading image of my way organized rolling rack up in the top right. Tops, dresses, and pants are coming soon. Let's go with soon-ish. You know how I am.

P.S. If any of you are thinking about a new blog design and don't feel like doing it yourself, go talk to Kailyn and thank me later. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Outfit of the Day(s) | July

So the internet at my parents' place died, and then I left for a week to go visit my little pod of fellow bar study sufferers... the good news is, I haven't been running around naked and ALSO I almost have the Shop My Closet page up and running! Holy balls I have so much stuffffff.

Chambray: F21 | Tank: Target | Skirt: F21 | Sandals: Target | Earrings: F21 | Ring: F21 | Watch: Fossil 

Until I find a denim jacket a la Robin Sparkles slash fix this shirt so the top button hole doesn't pop open and flash everyone around me, here's my chambray masquerading as a jacket.

Shirt: Target | Shorts: F21 | Leopard heels: Target | Green heels: Michael Shannon via Off Broadway | Necklace: Charlotte Russe

The "what shoes do I wear" face (it's like my version of Blue Steel) before going out with my ladyfriends for our bestie's birthday. Went with the green but really like the leopard. Per usual.

Jacket: Charlotte Russe | Tank: F21 | Jeans: American Eagle | Heels: Sam Edelman Portney | Earrings: F21

One of my very favorite outfits lately. This jacket is PERFECT for the summer because it's all open and flowy but it's still enough to prevent frostbite in the a/c. Plus it has studs. I mean come on. I can't find it online but it was $10 in store - go stalk your clearance racks!

Jacket: Ali & Kris | Dress: F21 <-- clearance rack for 7.99! Applause please | Sandals: Target | Belt: old old old | Watch: Fossil

This is me in the law school bathroom during my little "vacation." hashtagTHATGIRL
It's also the onllllyyyy outfit pic I took all week. forrrrr sshhhaaaammmeeeee

Dress: Target | Sandals: Target | Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Someone needs to invent AA meetings for the Target clearance rack. Oh wait Fran already does that every month... I need to get back on the wagon.

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