Monday, July 22, 2013

What Lies Within Us


(if you need a little pep talk for your Monday as much as I do...)

I am one test and nine days away from this whole life that I've kind of always wanted and kind of always been a little scared of. And I'm trying my very best to keep that in mind, no matter how shamble-y everything (EV. ER. Y. THING.) feels right this second.

Happy week, pretties! Other bar ladies, you got this.
See you on the other side.


  1. I believe in you, girlfriend! This is a time of transition, but I know you have what it takes to make a difference in this great big world. Your not just gonna be a lawyer, you are gonna be a freakin' amazing lawyer who changes peoples lives for the better and looks damn good doing it! AMEN!

  2. Good luck, Sam! We got this!

  3. Good luck girlie! You'll kill it :)


  4. what are you doing blogging???? GOOD LUCK ON THE BARRRRR! I'm sure you'll do terrifically.

  5. Keeping my toes, fingers, legs and everything else crossed for you - you are going to smash this!! You are going to be a kick-ass lawyer!
    Hugs from Germany! xx

  6. Get it, girl. Serious good vibes coming your way!

  7. My cute lil sassy nugget, show those examiners what the kick ass lawyer from tomorrow looks like. You studied so hard and it will pay off. I totally believe in you!!!! The lawyers world is waiting for this beautiful intelligent lady.

    Love you

  8. You got this lady - I am over here on the side lines cheering you on! Also, it has been wayyyy too long since I have been over here... loving your new header & button... looking GOOD!


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