Thursday, November 29, 2012

26: Flatline

Cargo jacket: Nordie's | Plaid: American Eagle | Tank: F21 | Skirt: J.Crew | Flats: Me Too Patty (different color) | Bracelets: Target | Watch: Fossil | Earrings: Target

I feel like someone pulled the fire alarm in my brain and all the thoughts evacuated and now I just want to sit and stare at a wall and drool or something.

(First final in T-3 days probably has something to do with this. I hope)

Ever wonder what the Cullens would look like wearing plaid? Ya welcome

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

24&25: Up/Down + Love/Hate

Blazer: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's | Tank: F21 | Skirt: Worthington | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Bracelet: J.Crew | Earrings: F21

If you're like, "hold the phone, where's that blazer been all 30 for 30" the answer is hiding. In the closet. Mocking me. Because if we're getting all deep dark secrets up in here, I've got to tell you guys, I really don't like this thing at all.

I don't like that it's shiny. I don't like that it's a half size too small. I don't like that it's about an inch too short. I don't like that it's my second favorite animal print and somehow goes with nothing. Let this be a lesson unto you: even if you like to wear your blazers open, don't try to cheat tailoring by sizing down. You can take things in, YOU CAN'T MAKE THEM BIGGER. LE DUH, SAM. LE DUH.

So today's escapades in python blazerdom only half shock me. I'm shocked that the dressed up look I wore to work is one of my favorites from my whole 30 for 30, but I knew before I even left the house that the casual look I wore to class would easily be in my bottom three. I'm going to give it another whirl when I have my whole closet to work with, but I don't have a heck of a lot of confidence that it's going to change my mind. 

Cargo jacket: Nordie's | Blazer: Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's | Sweater: H&M | Jeans: Victoria's Secret | Booties: Betsey Johnson Ziah | Scarf: apt. 9 | Earrings: Target

And if this outfit is giving you deja vu... yeah.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

23: Roadkill

Chambray: H&M | Pants: LC Lauren Conrad | Flats: Me Too Patty (different color) | Bag: F21 (but doesn't it kind of remind you of this Alexander Wang dreamboat?) | Furry stole/scarf/snood: Target | Earrings: F21 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: Target (different color)

When I was, I don't know, much wee-er than I am now, my grandma (yes, that one) spent the better part of a year putting together three giant boxes of dress-up clothes for me for Christmas. Big old vintage dresses, shoes, costume jewelry, scarves, crowns, you name it. And though I was thoroughly unimpressed by girly things for a fair portion of my childhood, it probably still would have gone down in history as one of the greatest gifts ever.


IF she hadn't put a legit vintage fox fur stole (head attached) at the top of the first box I opened, so when I lifted the lid the first things I saw were two beady eyes. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like wondering what you've done that's so bad Santa would bring you roadkill for Christmas.

I'm still a little scarred, but after all the stuff of nightmares had been permanently removed, the dress-up box eventually became the stuff of legend (and lots of embarrassing pictures). And I got over my fear of fur. Though I still prefer it headless. And, you know, fake.

 Blazer: The Limited | Sweater: Target | Pants: aaaaaancient | Shoes: Nine West Booboo | Earrings: F21 | Bag: Forever21

I ended up wearing a modified version of my batsuit to my bar fitness interview. Besides the fact that I look like I'm having an awkward prom pic with myself, the pantalones were wholly unforgiving of the extended Thanksgiving I've been having the last few days. Methinks I need to rekindle my frenemyship with Mr. Elliptical like yesterday.

I had some doubts about wearing a lace skirt to an interview-type situation, even though it's much more subtle in person than in direct camera flash. In the end, I was so much more comfortable in the skirt that I just went for it. Which one would you have worn?

 Blazer: The Limited | Sweater: Target | Skirt: F21 | Shoes: Nine West Booboo | Earrings: F21 | Bag: F21

 pleated poppy

Monday, November 26, 2012

22: Workin' On My Fitness

Sweater: Target | Shirt: Victoria's Secret | Skirt: J.Crew | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew | Earrings: Target | Monogram necklace: eBay

Tomorrow I have to drive three and a half hours for my bar fitness interview. 
Common questions: do you have to do pushups? Run laps? Is this like bootcamp? I can see how you'd think that, but no. IT'S BETTER. You get to drive all the gas out of your car to spend twenty minutes with a room full of strangers while they politely evaluate whether you're going to turn out to be a serial killer or some other PR disaster for the legal profession before they admit you to the bar.

(If you're reading this, bar examiners, the answer is no.)

I. am. so. psyched.
I hope you guys will forgive me for breaking my 30 for 30 tomorrow afternoon when I don my interview Batsuit. Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BAT GIRL! I usually wear all black when I'm seriously suiting up 1) because LC told me to, 2) because it's easy, and 3) because it reminds me of that time I tried to be a goth kid freshman year of high school but my parents wouldn't let me dye my hair or wear black lipstick so I cut up all my shirts and wore dog collars instead. Those were the days.

Real Girl Style Link Up

Sunday, November 25, 2012

20 & 21: Up/Down

Blazer: H&M | Dress (as top): BCBGMAXAZRIA Marta | Skirt: J.Crew | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Earrings: F21 | Watch: Fossil

Thanks for all your support and ideas on my last post. Budgeting is one of those things that shouldn't be hard (you spend until you run out, then you stop, right?) but it just is. The good news is, I'm sick of sucking at it, so by the time I graduate in May I'm determined to make a habit of much healthier spending habits.

Time for more sequins: I'm planning to wear the top outfit for my last day at my internship (if you're gonna go out, go out with a bang!) and the bottom outfit for night-before-my-best-friend's-wedding festivities. Both are well after my 30 for 30 is over, but I wanted to share these outfits now since I discovered them while playing around this month!

Time for more 30 for 30 propaganda: trying to come up with fun things to wear with 30 pieces instead of 100 pieces is, in my super scientific mathematical estimations, roughly one bajillion times easier. You  don't get overwhelmed or frustrated or scary mad (oh, I'm the only one who has meltdowns over clothes? Girl don't play) and "I have nothing to wear" moments don't take up my precious shower minutes in the morning.

Can you tell I'm peer pressuring the hell out of you guys to do this with me next time? 
January 1st. Mark yo' calendars.

Cargo jacket: Nordie's | Top: Target | Dress (as skirt): BCBGMAXAZRIA Marta | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Earrings: F21 | Watch: Fossil | Wrap: Target

Also, if you've got an hour or three to spare, check out all the lovely ladies on my blog roll. I love seeing which blogs other people follow and I realized I kind of missed the bus by not having my own favorites posted! If you're interested in swapping buttons, email or tweet me.

Linking up with Still Being Molly for #YOLOMonday.

November Budget

I'm going to go ahead and credit this image to Hyperbole and a Half, because even though it technically isn't, we all know it is.

November Budget
White jeans (Victoria's Secret via eBay, seen here & here & here & here & here) : 30.00
Plaid pants (Target, seen here & here) : 27.99
Fur vest (CoffeeShop via jcpenney) : 50.00
Burgundy leather skirt (Worthington via jcpenney, seen here) : 26.00
Black sweater (Target) : 18.00
Red v-neck sweater (Target) : 18.00
Purple glitter boucle skirt (Marshall's) : 26.00
Brown tweed and leather skirt (Marshall's) : 16.00
Burgundy ombre jeans (Marshall's) : 26.00
Navy tweed skirt (Target) : 22.99
Leopard ankle pants (Target) : 27.99
Fur snood (Target) : 19.99
Bracelets (Target) : 3 for 15.00
Dalmatian print scarf (Target) : 10.50
Python pencil skirt (INC via eBay) : 30.00
Tulle skirt (eBay) : 15.00

Total = $323.46
(minus a $38.50 Marshall's giftcard and the probable return of the red sweater)

So besides the fact that a shopping ban while on 30 for 30 is optional, I was also working with a self-imposed budget of $150/month. This means that I've successfully blown through November and December. It didn't help that I did some stress shopping when I should have been studying, and it didn't help that I went home for a few days, because my mom and I can spend dolladollabillz like nobody's business.

Part of my motivation in starting this blog was to do better with money. Looks like part of that is being embarrassingly honest about how BRUTALLY AWFUL I am at it right now! At least I'm not a failwhale without a plan: I'm stripping December's budget (Christmas is coming, this should not be hard) and decreasing January's to $125 to deal with my splurge. I downloaded the CashFlow app to help keep track of purchases as they happen, and I am staying the hell away from Target. Do you guys have any tips that help you stay within your budget?

Thanks to Franziska for hosting a Budgeting Bloggers link-up. Looking forward to my monthly virtual shopaholics anonymous meetings :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

19: Too Much Plaid & a Gratuitous #Puppybomb

Blazer: H&M | Top: American Eagle | Jeans: Victoria's Secret | Flats: Me Too Patty | Scarf: Kohl's | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew

Finally home after a f-a-n-tastic visit to my actual home. I wish I could rearrange the map to make home and home a little closer together, but until science/geography/space and time travel catches up to that, I'll settle for visits whenever I can get them. 

My dad, on the other hand, spent the whole three days hinting that maybe next time I should send the dog home instead of coming home myself. What can I say, man loves his granddog! At least the big one. He's still warming up to the wee tiny one.

Can you blame the man? That face! Those ears!

This outfit is a little preppier than I usually go when I travel, but I really wanted to wear my plaids together. Why have just enough of a good thing when you could have far too much of a good thing? Exactly.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

18: Black Hole

Sweater: F21 | Pants: Target | Flats: Me Too Patty | Scarf: apt. 9 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew

The title is in reference to both my "hell no" (pronounced oh HAAAAYYYYLL no) attitude when it comes to venturing out on Black Friday and the admirable capacity of my stomach when pumpkin Chex mix and homemade rolls and apple pie cheesecake is on the line.

Reuniting with SkyMall this afternoon, then it's back to the grind. By the grind I of course mean college football and some sewing shenanigans and playing with my nuggets, who I've missed desperately the past three days. So not really a grind at all. Grinds can wait for Monday.

Linking up with Modern Modest Beauty.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

17: Thankful

Chambray: H&M | Jeans: Victoria's Secret | Booties: Betsey Johnson Ziah | Scarf: apt. 9 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew | Cuff: Anthropologie

Extra short post today, because I'm off soaking up all the family time/food I can get. Hope you're all having the time of your lives before the tryptophan kicks in, and then I hope you're having the nap of your life. And to distract you from the fact that I'm basically wearing the same damn thing I did yesterday...

If this is my last post ever it's because I died trying to run a 5K this morning. Or because there are two raccoons trying to break into our house now that dad hid the birdfeeders in the garage, and they look like this ain't their first rodeo. Know that I'll have died without ever knowing how to say the word meme. SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU SAY IT.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

16: SkyMall

Jacket: Nordie's | Sweater: F21 | Jeans: Victoria's Secret | Booties: Betsey Johnson Ziah | Scarf: apt. 9 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew | Cuff: Anthropologie

By far the greatest part of air travel is SkyMall. No contest.
(Mom, if you're reading this, what I meant is that being home for my first Thanksgiving since law school started is the greatest part of air travel. Obvi...)
SkyMall is a catalogued collection of the most delightfully weird, overtly tacky, but still somehow desirable crap that the human race has ever invented. It can be found in the convenient seatback pocket on airplanes and online (!!!! I had no idea until right this second!!!!!) at

In case you're getting a head start on your Christmas shopping for me here are a few doozies from the current issue:
- The Litter Kwitter 3-Step Cat Toilet Training System
The Solowheel: the smallest, greenest, most convenient e-vehicle ever invented
- The Upright Sleeper, because who wouldn't whip that baby out and wear it in public

You cannot make this stuff up. If I could, I'd be in SkyMall.
Also, this is what I wore while reading SkyMall. Because this is a style blog and not a SkyMall fangirl site.

pleated poppy

Monday, November 19, 2012

15: Ohhh We're Halfway There

Blazer: H&M | Top: Equipment | Skirt: J.Crew | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Necklace: eBay | Ring: F21


Can't believe I'm already halfway through my outfits for the month! I feel like I could go way longer than thirty days, but I seriously miss the rest of my closet, so I won't test that theory just yet. There are other, more pressing theories to test, like whether or not Hostess cupcakes taste better once they're officially an endangered species and juuuust how long before my 3:15 flight I can wait before I start packing.

While I'm off theory-testing and hypothesizing and other scientific words that make me feel important, here's a quick jaunt down the last 15 outfits of memory lane:

Real Girl Style Link Up

Sunday, November 18, 2012

13 & 14: Up/Down

Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad | Plaid: American Eagle | Dress: Calvin Klein | Shoes: Nine West Booboo | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: F21 | Earrings: F21

My very favorite part of 30 for 30 is that my options are either get creative or go naked. So many times in the past, I've bought something and loved it but only worn it one way. And when you're only wearing something one way, you kind of have to stretch out the time between when you wear it.

Take this dress. Before this month, I'd only worn it with black pumps and a black blazer, and I'd only worn it once. I would never have had the guts to wear it with a leopard sweater, and I never would have tried to dress it up with plaid (sounds kind of like an oxymoron, right?) and a blazer or dress it down with a cargo jacket. None of this is groundbreaking, I know, but I'm having such a freaking blast that I couldn't help but share.

Also, red blazer: I forgive you.

Cargo jacket: Nordie's | Gingham: J.Crew | Dress: Calvin Klein | Flats: Me Too Patty | Necklace: F21 | Chain bracelet: J.Crew | Rhinestone bracelet: American Eagle

Also... remember that not-bloggy project I was talking about last week? I finally stopped sewing through myself long enough to finish it. 

You've probably figured out by now that I love to sew... I sort of gave it away here and here. What can I say, I'm an old (geriatric?) soul. I know this is some serious shameless self promotion, but if you know anyone with a baby (or have to buy presents in the near future for anyone with a baby), I'd love if you'd check out my brand spanking new Etsy shop. :)

And, I'm just saying, I'm not a baby and I take my blanket eeeeeverywhere.
Studying in the giant drafty library for the two weeks of the year directly before finals? Check.
On airplanes, because it's cuter than those saran wrapped ones the airline hands out? Check. 
In the car, because Boyfriend cranks the A/C like we're in the sub-Saharan desert even in the dead of winter? Check. 
In movie theaters, because they're pretty much giant meat lockers? Check check check.

Thanks you guys. Happy Monday!

Friday, November 16, 2012

12: You're A Mean One

Sweater: J.Crew | Skirt: JCPenney | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Bag: London Fog via TJMaxx | Scarf: apt. 9 | Earrings: F21 | Bracelet: Kohl's

Saw the How The Grinch Stole Christmas musical last night, and it was awesome all by itself, but it was made extra awesome by the little girl sitting behind us who kept trying to get Cindy Lou-Who's attention (no one had the heart to tell her we were in the nosebleed seats) and clapped and yelled "thank you Mr. Grinch!!" even after the cast left the stage.

Happy weekend! I'm off to drown myself in caramel brulee lattes, investigate whether or not the grilled cheese truck man really does deliver, and convince Boyfriend that no purse I carry can be accurately referred to as a murse because, well, I'm not a dude. Sorry baby.

Update: linking up with Modern Modest Beauty for Sunday Style. Love her blog!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

11: Not a Kegger

Top: Target | Skirt: J.Crew | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Earrings: Target | Necklace: Target | Ring: F21 | Chain bracelet: J.Crew | Rhinestone bracelet: F21 | Spike bracelet: eBay

I wouldn't say this is an arm party but it's the closest I ever get. It's definitely more casual after work cocktails than techno rager. I spend a lot of time typing, and I can't handle the jinglejangleclunking of a ton of bracelets on the desk/keyboard. Can't do it. They end up in a neat little pile off to the side, and it's way easier to take off/put back on one or two bracelets twenty times a day than a whole armful. Because let's face it, if I go to the bathroom or to the copy machine sans bracelets the world would probably end armageddon style. It is 2012, after all. You're all welcome.

I haven't gotten a lot of wear out of this necklace, which is a bummer, because when I saw it on the clearance rack I felt like I struck gold. This is the first outfit in a long time that I've actually liked it with. I'm slowly learning (through blogging!) that I have to be eeeextra careful with pale/muted colors and my skin tone, but even though this off-white is tricky, when it goes right it's worth it. Am I alone on this? Do you have "wear at your own risk" colors?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10: The Letter of the Law

Blazer: H&M | Top: Victoria's Secret via MJR Sales | Skirt: J.Crew | Flats: Me Too Patty | Earrings: Target | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew | Rings: H&M/F21

When you talk about laws, you can talk about the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. The letter of the law is the exact wording used, the black and white text of it. The spirit of a law is the policy behind it, or what the legislature meant to do when they enacted it. So technically, you can sometimes violate the spirit of a law without actually violating the law itself.

This outfit would violate at least the spirit of most office dress codes. When you break it down, this is just a button down, a pencil skirt, flats and a blazer... but it's a teal python button down, a neon pink pencil skirt, flats with giant bows and a blazer. I'm lucky that the office where I intern doesn't have a super strict dress code, but I'm curious - could you get away with an outfit like this? How formal is your office dress code?

Also, weird hair sticking out to the side: I see you. We all see you.

9: Red

Blazer: LC Lauren Conrad | Sweater: H&M | Pants: LC Lauren Conrad | Flats: Me Too Patty | Scarf: TJMaxx | Watch: Kohl's | Cuff: Anthropologie | Earrings: Target

Red stumps me.

I love red. I might even call red my favorite color, if it wasn't being such a total B right now. But when I threw my favorite red skirt and my new red blazer into the 30 for 30 shenanigans, I didn't expect to have my mind so thoroughly and utterly boggled by them. Nothing looks right to me. Leopard seems predictable, anything white or blue and I look like a flag. I'm off to Pinterest-search for some inspo, but in the meantime: how do you wear red? Help a girl out.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

8: Honeycomb

Jacket: Nordie's | Sweater: Target | Jeans: Victoria's Secret | Booties: Betsey Johnson Ziah (shop them in my last post!) | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: Kohl's | Scarf: The Pink Zebra

The title is either a reference to the honeycomb-ish pattern of my scarf or to the fact that I look like I got in a fight with the Honeycomb cereal mascot, whose breed and gender I don't actually know. Big ups to my grandma, who randomly mailed me some new scarves because that's what grandmas do. Except mine shops at a place called The Pink Zebra and once solicited donations for charity from Roy Williams, and having zero clue who he was or why he was a big deal (was, before he left KU) thought it totally appropriate to tell him he'd recognize her as "the short, fat balding woman with perfect breasts" when he came to meet her in the lobby.

Le sigh.

Those of you who joined me in barely scraping by first grade have maybe noticed that we're on outfit eight and day thirteen of November. This is more math than I usually like to do in a day, but I can say with some measure of confidence that these figures don't add up. Alas, the girl with the style blog doesn't like to get dressed every day. It's actually going to work out perfectly: while I'm slaving away on my finals at the beginning of December, we'll keep right on trucking until we hit thirty outfits and no one will ever be the wiser.

Except... you know... you. Because I told you. Act surprised?

Booties on the Brain

I have no outfit to show you, because aside from a brief journey to Bob Evans (say something, I dare you. The old folk and I have taste, mmmkay?) I stayed in my jammies all weekend and worked on my not-blog-related pet project that I am SOOO excited to share with you guys in a week or so.

As you miiiight have noticed, I have a recent obsession with booties of the ankle variety. And so, in lieu of getting dressed, I went window shopping. Shwoopsies.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

7: Bond

Top: Equipment | Jeans: Victoria's Secret via eBay | Shoes: Sam Edelman Portney | Earrings: Target | Necklace: eBay | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew

First miracle: the universe decided that in repayment for my week of self mutilation, it would not only send me my new white jeans in the right size, but the right inseam too. No hemming required. Probably best that I stay away from le old sewing machine.

Second miracle: I wore this to go see Bond (... James Bond) last night with Boyfriend and two of our friends. Mind blown. Stop reading this and go now. That's not even the miracle - I drank an entire giant Icee (thanks, Stubs card!) and didn't pee my pants. Yaaahtzee.

Third miracle: I'm wearing the same shirt two days in a row and I'm not even bummed about it. 
I like you, 30 for 30.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

6: The Replacements

Jacket: Nordie's | Shirt: Equipment | Tank: F21 | Pants: Target | Flats: Me Too Patty | Monogram necklace: eBay | Earrings: F21 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew

Blog, meet my pants. Pants, blog.
You may remember that the washing machine ate the white jeans I planned to use during my 30 for 30. Undeterred, I popped into Target (we all know "popping" into Target takes at least an hour) and picked up these plaid beauties, which are crazy comfy and actually a pretty good dupe for J.Crew's blackwatch plaid.

Out of sheer curiosity, I checked eBay when I got home, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but MY EXACT SAME WHITE JEANS ON SALE IN MY SIZE. Unable to cope with the prospect of living without either pair (and realizing that we're only a week in to an already freezing cold month, and I'm only working with two pairs of pants), I made the executive decision to make room for both. I present to you, the official 30x30 lineup, unless my washer decides to be a total turdbucket and eat something else.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5: More is More

Sweater: Jones New York | Dress: Calvin Klein | Shoes: Nine West Booboo | Necklace: F21 | Watch: Fossil | Bracelet: J.Crew

I'm man enough to admit that this look just isn't going to be for everyone - but I looove it. Maybe it's the Golden Girl in me, but if I'm flirting with print overload, it feels just right. 30 for 30 is really forcing me to be creative with my dresses, and I love that, because I usually come up with a bunch of ideas and then chicken out and wear something else when it comes down to it.

Also, bad things happen in threes: I sewed through my finger, the washing machine ate my jeans, and today I gave myself the mother of all papercuts, which I forgot about and USED HAND SANITIZER. Really that's four bad things, so it looks like I have a karma credit. Off to buy a lottery ticket, beeches!

Update: I forgot - I third degree burned my neck with my curling iron on Monday. THAT'S FIVE. Are you listening, badthingshappeninthreesgods? Better yet, can you count??

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30x30 OCDganization

I've mentioned once or twice that I'm Type A with a dash of OCD.

Yeah you're reading that right. The title of my Excel sheet is "Life." If you could see the worksheets, you'd flip your shit. Samples: "Budget," "Backup Budget," "Salary," "Backup Salary," "Outfit Planning," "Wishlist," and "Sewing Projects." If you can name it, I can make it a spreadsheet.

30x30 was an obvious choice for a spreadsheet. Part of the reason I chose November is because it has exactly thirty days (I am NOT joking about the OCD). On one half, the items I chose, and on the other half, the days in November divided into weeks, with a note describing whatever it is I have to do that day. And as much as I love me some Excel, for whatever reason I find it easier to be creative when I'm writing it out old school pen and paper style, so I usually end up writing it all out first and then transferring it to the spreadsheet. Nerd alert!

I hope you're ready for the big guns.

If you want a closet like Cher's in Clueless, download the Wardrobe Assistant app. Awesome hats and twinsets not included. For a mere $15 (I know, but stay with me) you can organize your entire closet AND create special separate closets in the event that you, I don't know, decide to wear only thirty pieces of clothing for an entire month. The $15 is for the full-blown unlimited app - for $5 or so, you can get a version that allows fewer closets/pieces, depending on your needs. I've been searching for something like this app for my whole life, so $15 was a bargain.

I started by taking pictures of my clothes against the back of my bedroom door - but if that sounds too time consuming, you can shortcut the process by using a Google image search to find pieces that are close enough. Once you load in all the images, you can sort them into categories.

The best part? Being able to play in your closet almost anywhere. In class? Irresponsible, but sure. In the car? Please don't. At the dentist? I guess, but please don't actually wear what the Novocaine says is a good idea.

All of the looks you create can be sorted into different folders. I made one folder for outfit ideas and one as an "official" folder, where I name the outfits by day I want to wear them. It makes getting dressed in the morning a super snap. Also, looks are fully searchable by items (tag them as you go!) so if you wake up bound and determined to wear your pink skirt, you can search for all the outfits you've come up with that include that skirt.

BTdubs - this is not a sponsored post, I just stumbled across this app and think it's about the coolest thing ever. I've tried a lot (not to be confused with the Alot - we miss you Allie) of closet organization apps, and this one takes the cake by a mile. Have you tried any apps like this? Type A'ers - how do you plan your outfits?

Monday, November 5, 2012

4: Magpie Tendencies

Chambray: H&M | Sweater: J.Crew | Skirt: J.Crew | Flats: Me Too Patty | Belt: Target | Watch: Fossil

I wore this to work without the belt or the chambray underneath and I spent the whole day feeling like something was missing. You'd think that when you put on your favorite sweater and your favorite pencil skirt, you'd have an automatic win. Apparently it's not that easy. So when I came home to change before going out to sushi for a friend's birthday I came up with this, and all I could think was "where have you been all day?!"

Sidebar: sushi is another one of those things I didn't know I liked until I met Boyfriend. The list is now: wine (white only, don't be cray), sushi, cheesecake, creme brûlée, asparagus, pumpkin donuts, and cherry Coke. I know. What have I been eating all these years?

I was iffy on wearing this much sparkle to the office, but every woman I work with complimented it, and the only "well... that's a whole lot of shiny" comment came from a guy. And we all know that's pretty standard.

Also, just realized I'm red, white & blue for Election Day. Happy no more f---ing political ads voting :)

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