Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Faves | November 8-14

A weekly roundup of all my favorite things.

Bloggers Who Killed It


{The Classy Cubicle & Lex What Wear} Wearing the (plaid) pants like a bosssssss.

{Lynette Marie} MAH GIRL. That dress, that necklace, those pumps with those tights. And you guys know how I feel about tights...

{love zahra} Looking amazing in a combo of brights & neutrals - and she's right here in Chicago!

{Chic Street Style & For All Things Lovely} Leather, graphic sweaters, and ankle strap pumps.

{fleurani} Drooling over that dress and that necklace. MIAUH!

{Glitter and Gingham} You guys may remember seeing my brain explode on Twitter over this outfit last week. holy perfect

The World Outside of Style Blogs
So Ender's Game and Thor were phenomenal. And now I have the Hunger Games double feature to look forward to next week, and this gem comes out next year. Sleeping Beauty is my jam. Have I ever told you guys that my grandma tried to name me Briar Rose? Hand to God.

Paperless Post, where have you been all my life? I love sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, just because cards... but sometimes it's such a hassle to track down an address, make sure you have stamps, and find a post office box. These have cute envelopes and everything! I'm sold.

This pin works, by the way. But slow your roll Paula Deen, you do NOT need an entire stick of butter.

Eye Candy: Your Weekend Shopping List


  1. MIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiauuuuuuuuuhhh *prrrrr* how this german leo cat like the 6 blogger styles you have selected, each of their own unique and perfectly put together.

    Eric just played a lumberjack in the hunger games, I am seriiiiiiiiiousssssssssssss. they are just filming in Atlanta. He looks like he was living in the forest for the last 5 weeks though :-D

    Uhhh how I love this watch, that is eye candy for sure. And that skirt is screaming your name, I hear it till here in Germany wherever it is right now :-D

    Have a fabuous weekend my dear. I 'l have to write you an email soon and catch up how you have been :-)

    PS: On dec first you HAVE to join my link up on statement necklaces I will even give one away. did that motivated you, huh? Good :-P



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