Friday, November 1, 2013

Outfit of the Day | October Recap

Coat: F21 on crazy $10 clearance {similar here with badass leather lapels} | Sweater: Target | Skirt: F21, old {similar} | Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's | Wedges: Steve Madden 'Wiicked' | Earrings: F21, old {similar}

OCTOBER, am I right?
(get ready for the picture-heaviest catch up post in the history of ever.)

I wore this last weekend to go see a play (The North China Lover - better than I expected, still a little weird) and stuff my face full of PF Chang's. ALL OF YOUR LETTUCE WRAPS, PLEASE.

Neutral outfits are way more fun now that my hair is a connnstant accessory. Plus, I love this because you could pretty much swap in any skirt in your closet and it would still work. I can stage 5 cling to my summer clothes for months!

Vest: Target | Sweater: Target | Jeans: American Eagle, old {similar} | Flats: Steve Madden 'Vegasss' | Bag: Melie Bianco via TJMaxx | Scarf: apt. 9 via Kohl's

In case it wasn't immediately apparent, I love this sweater. And Target generally. And this amazing vaguely-J.Crew-ey vest... from Target.

Blazer: The Limited Black Collection | Top: DKNY via TJMaxx | Skirt: F21, old {similarsimilar} | Heels: Nine West 'Booboo' {similar} | Necklace: F21, old

I've had this skirt for awhile and I can't really remember the last time I wore it, and then this month it was all I wanted to wear. It was easy to grab on those mornings where I didn't plan an outfit but I didn't want to wear a plain suit again.

BlazerThe Limited Black Collection | Top: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Skirt: F21 | Flats: Me Too 'Patty' {similar} | Earrings: F21

Blazer: The Limited Navy Collection | Dress: via TJMaxx {similar} | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' {same in different color}

Hey remember that time I wore basically the same outfit twice in the same month? Waaaait for it...

Blazer: The Limited Navy Collection | Dress: Express via TJMaxx {similar, similar} | Heels: Nine West 'Booboo' {similar} | Tights: Hanes Solutions | Earrings: F21


Blazer: The Limited Black Collection | Dress: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl's {similar} | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' {same in different color} | Watch: Fossil

Blazer: The Limited Navy Collection | Tank: F21, ooold | Pants: Target {same in other colors} | Flats: Miss Me 'Patty' {similar} | Scarf: Target | Watch: Fossil | Earrings: Target {similar}

Blazer: The Limited Black Collection | Dress: Loft {similar print} | Heels: Nine West 'Booboo' {similar} | Bag: F21 {similar} | Tights: Hanes Solutions | Watch: Fossil

Blazer: The Limited Navy Collection | Top: apt. 9 via Kohl's | Skirt: The Limited Navy Collection | Heels: BCBG 'Cielo' {similar, similar in patent, similar with ankle strap} | Tights: Hanes Solutions | Necklace: Charlotte Russe {cool option}

I hate this outfit from the knees down. 
Maybe navy? I don't know. But please try not to look at my legs in that picture.

Blazer: The Limited Grey Collection | Tee: ...keep reading | Skirt: The Limited Grey Collection | Heels: Sam Edelman 'Portney' {same in different color} | Necklace: Nordstrom Rack {similar} | Bracelet: J.Crew {BaubleBar dupe}

Hypothetically, this is what one would wear if one woke up in an apartment not one's own and realized that the only clothes one had were yesterday's suit and the smallest tee in one's boyfriend's closet.

Welcome to the grown-up version of the walk/shack of shame.

Sweater: F21, old | Jeans: Gap | Heels: ShoeMint {similar, similar - can you tell I love ankle straps?} | Earrings: F21, old {similar} | Watch: Fossil

These jeans are the same jeans from this picture, so I'm not sure why they look suctioned around my cankles here, but suffice it to say this was a whole lot better in real life. This was my "we all passed the bar exam, let's go drink beer and eat baby pretzel bites" outfit.

Jacket: Rubbish via Nordie's {similar} | Top: Target {similar} | Leggings: Target | Booties: Betsey Johnson 'Ziah' {same in leopard print} | Necklace: F21, old | Watch: Fossil

Stay tuned this afternoon for my favorite things on the Internet from the month of October.
It's good to be back :)


  1. Lots of fun looks here, Samantha, glad to hear life is good :)

  2. SO many great outfits! :) And this is making me realize I really need to get a full length mirror to better document my outfits on non-blogging photo days haha!

    1. I'm beginning to realize that I may not be cut out for full-on photo shoot bloggerdom... full length mirrors are my jam :)

  3. Since this is such an epic recap, forgive me for the LONG comment!

    1. Great find on the F21 coat! Its beautiful and will keep you warm in those Chicago fall/winter days!
    2. I have that Target vest and I adore it. I want to wear it everyday.
    3. The skirt is lovely and I think I like the second version better.
    4. A dress with a blazer is the perfect "I didn't have time to think about my outfit" outfit.
    5. Hypothetically, I like how you mixed in the tshirt under your suit.
    6. The BF jeans with those shoes are FAB!
    7. We've MISSED YOU in blog land!!!!!!! Welcome Back!


    1. thanks for the EPIC COMMENT!! I could not agree more with you on #4... dresses and blazers are my work/life hack :)

  4. You are the cutest! Seriously rocking that work wear lady! Was your hair deemed office appropriate? Either way, LOVE it!


    1. I think the hair is a little more shocking to people who were already used to me as a blonde. But most people (aside from my dad...) have all said really positive things, and I assume if they think it's horrible/horribly unprofessional they'd either say that or say nothing. So we'll see ;)

  5. 1. LOVE your red hair. You're rocking it. 2. Waiting for that vest to go on sale at Target. At the first sign of 30%, it's mine.

    1. GO NOWWWWW before it sells out! Check Cartwheel and the Target app for coupons. you'll love it!!

  6. Missed you so much! Procrastination just went to a whole 'nother level as I not-so-secretly add all of your clothes to my bday/xmas/just because wish list. So... thanks for that! Also, and PLEASE don't take this as hypercritical, but I think your navy blazer may need to be hemmed a little in the arms. Just a scoatch. SORRY! But so happy you're back!

    1. oh for sure. all three of my suits need it bad! but before alterations can happen, this kid needs incoooommmeeee!

  7. Well you are just so freakin cute with that red hair! I love ALL of the outfits & just pinned about all of them as well :) Hope all is fabbbbb!!! xx


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