Sunday, June 9, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Dream Jobs & Daddy Issues

Jacket: Ali & Kris | Tee: Old Navy | Jeans: Target | Sandals: Sam Edelman | Cuff: Charlotte Russe | Monogram necklace: eBay | Bullet necklace: ASOS

Blog Challenge Day 9: What is your dream job?

Oh I've got this. I've actually got it times three. (Three years in law school leaves you a lot of time for pondering all the things you wish you were doing instead.)

In undergrad, I was co-social chair for my sorority. IT WAS A BLAST. And when I wasn't planning formals (God, I miss formal dresses... worst part of growing up for sure) and mixers, we were throwing theme parties in my basement. So I'd for sure pick event planning. I love picking out themes and place settings and favors and venues and drink menus. My OCD looooooves having that many details to keep track of. I watch a lot of Say Yes To The Dress and Four Weddings and My Fair Wedding. Like an obscene amount. Planning is my jam.

Know what else I watch an insane amount of? HGTV. My iPad magazine subscriptions are as follows: Cosmo/Lucky/Glamour/Stylewatch, Self and Shape and Women's Health, House Beautiful and every design mag like it. I have like seven Pinterest boards on my personal account dedicated to interiors. I'm obsessed! Plus, there's really nothing I love more than going shopping for pillow/curtain fabric. I can't wait to have an apartment with an indefinite-ish timeframe so I can actually get down to decorating. So interior design would be next on the list.

Finally... this is a biggie... I'm hoping to retire by like 35 and start a cupcake truck. I haven't found my niche market yet but I feel like it's going to be a midday cupcake and booze break kind of thing. A shot of Jack and a spice cupcake for all! Baked goods actually make great chasers. Shot of vodka, glazed donut, thank me later. That or else some kind of late night drunk food situation. There's a grilled cheese truck at law school that cleans up. Can you imagine any better 4am snack than a buffalo chicken grilled cheese? Thought not. But I'm a cupcake girl at heart, so I don't know.

Unrelated: blogging sometimes makes me wonder if four-year-old Sam still lives in my head and takes over when I get dressed in the morning. Camo, leopard, and what can only be described as "a Valentine's Day carnival of ikat"? That's a pretty obvious middle finger for every time I wasn't allowed to go to school in a Halloween costume. So long as my daddy issues manifest themselves as ridiculous print-mixing and not changing my name to Kitty and working at a gentleman's club by the airport I guess I'll shut up and count my blessings.

And bonus, like I tweeted yesterday, one of the baristas (baristos?!) at the Starbucks I was studying at came over and told me how much he liked my pants. I know sometimes we're all convinced that every guy we know hates every outfit we wear... THERE'S HOPE FOR BOYS, YOU GUYS. There is hope.

Cardi: Target | Tee: Old Navy | Bead bracelet: F21, I think

Here's how I almost wore it. I chickened out on the purple pattern with the red/pink pants. Now I sort of which I'd sucked it up. Verdict?


  1. I love your fancy pants! I hope that a cupcake truck works out because I may have to copy you on that one ;-) Cupcakes all day beats out lawyering any day ;-)

  2. I really love the pants and especially with the camo. And also, you crack me up. I love reading your posts and doing so makes me wish I knew you in real life.


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