Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Taking the Bullet

Blazer: Target | Dress: TJMaxx, so old it's going to crumble into dust any day now | Heels: Sam Edelman Portney | Necklace: F21 | Ring: F21

Blog Challenge Day 12: Bullet point your whole day.

Today's challenge made me laugh. Mostly the use of the word bullet. MY ENTIRE SUMMER IS ONE GIANT BULLET WITH "ILLINOIS BAR EXAM" WRITTEN ON IT.

Ready for the excitement? Got your defibrillator ready? Are you sitting down?

The Daily Schedule of The Most Interesting Woman In The World
- 6:30 Wake up, snooze the alarm, stare at the ceiling for awhile, squeeze my eyes shut and try really hard to fall asleep and wake up in August
- 6:45 Open one eye and admit it's not working, vow to try again tomorrow
- 7:00 Roll/crawl/complain out of bed
- 7:30 Walk the nuggets
- 8:00 Shower or at least make my hair look like I tried (which is difficult because I'm trying to go no-heat for the entire month of June, hence why I look like Chewbacca)
- 8:30 Take outfit pics, try to remember to smile to avoid the Craigslist Killer effect
- 8:45 Head to Starbucks, rotating between two different ones so I'm not technically a "regular"
- 9:00 to 3:00ish Listen to the lecture, take notes, pause way too often for Facebook chatting and group texting, debate going to buy lunch, remember I'm poor and eat a Clif bar instead, Snapchat each other pictures of our professors with horns and mustaches drawn on, make up names and backstories for everyone in Starbucks
- 3:00 Head home, do practice questions
- 6:00 Eat dinner, glare at dad when he asks if I fell in love with anyone at Starbucks today
- 7:00 Scour Craigslist and every apartment website for first-floor apartments that accept giant wolfdogs  
- 8:00 Feel guilty about the things I didn't get done today that I should have, add them to the list for tomorrow
- 10:00 Pretend I'm going to go study in bed, pass out like an old person


  1. I'm in bed every night at 10.30 because my day of kinda working, kinda being productive is too exhausting to take. We're definitely winners.

    1. God girl, you just GET me. I mean I can't keep my eyes open past 11.

  2. Oh, girl, I totally feel your pain. It takes me an extra hour (sometimes 2) to get through those lectures with the number of breaks I take to online shop, scroll through Instagram, cuddle with my dog, read blogs, or stuff my face with food. I commend you for getting up, putting on real people clothes and leaving your house though! I haven't gotten that far yet...still in my pajamas, laying on my bed learning crim law and panicking about how in the freakin' world I'm going to pass the bar!

    1. WE CAN DO THIS! Heading over to your blog RIGHT MEOW to make sure you're watching the lectures on 1.5 speed, saves bajillions of hours.

  3. I tried that blazer on at Target and it looks NOTHING like that on me. I love that you paired it with a pop of leopard, totally adorable!

    1. sad face! I think I got lucky this time though, I'm pretty hit or miss with their blazers and jackets.


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