Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Closet Sale

Jacket: Rubbish via Nordie's | Tee: Old Navy | Skirt: Old Navy | Sandals: F21 | Cuff: Charlotte Russe | Earrings: F21

Since I can't hold down a job and memorize everything from the last three years of law school at the same time, I'm having a closet sale over the next few weeks! How do you guys sell your clothes? I usually use eBay, but I also have Poshmark (I've never made a sale through Poshmark, but I like the idea). What do you prefer? Is there some other site I'm missing?


  1. I like Poshmark a lot! Try it! =)

  2. Love this outfit, Sam! I don't know too much about Poshmark but I do use eBay...maybe a little too much...hahah

  3. I know of a few people using Instagram as a shop my closet kinda thing... other than that, Poshmark and ebay are the only two I've really seen. Good luck!

  4. I really like Poshmark and have had quite a bit of success with it! eBay takes less commission though (on most things), so you get a little more money out of it. I still prefer Poshmark.

  5. I prefer ebay - I don't like the whole $7 shipping thing at Poshmark

  6. I'm no help on the selling aspect, all I do is BUY! Will you be sure to post a link to which ever you decide so we can shop your closet?!


  7. The site I had been using to sell my clothes recently shut down, so I just set up a Shop My Closet page on my blog. It cuts out the middleman! I'm sure plenty of your readers (myself included) would love a chance to shop your closet!

  8. I was so disappointed that you had CLOSET SALE in your post title and I scrolled down and DID NOT SEE ANY PICS OR A LINK TO YOUR SHOP. I know a lot of people love Poshmark, but I've never really figured out how to work it, so I still use eBay, though I hate getting outbid by snipers at the last minute.

    One of my friends recently did an Instagram blog sale (started a new instagram account for it) and just took pictures of all the things she wanted to sell, added the price and description for it, and you would just comment on it if you had any questions or wanted to purchase. I thought it was really easy, though it's hard to see good pictures on there.

    Since you have a blog, you should just take pictures of all the stuff that you want to sell, put it up on a blog post (Fran did a post like that a few weeks ago), and then after a week or two, take it down and then sell the rest on Poshmark/eBay. Please do that, okay?

  9. Love the matching TShirt and Lipstick - I've finally found a matching lipstick/nailpolish combo, and have been ecstatic for the last few weeks!

    - Johanna

  10. I use Poshmark - easiest for me! Sometimes the sales take time, you have to keep sharing them & use good keywords :)


  11. Fabulous skirt!!! Love the bright tee and utility jacket with it.
    Hey, I know you love animals, so stop by and visit my blog today. I'm giving away a gorgeous necklace to benefit animal advocacy and adoptable pups down in Texas!
    I know you're wanting new baubles:)


  12. Use Poshmark! I'd share your listings.

  13. I like Kimmie's idea. I have no patience and like immediate gratification so I usually just go to Plato's closet.

  14. love the skirt and the jacket :)
    and I don't sell any of my clothes haha so, sorry but can't give u advice


  15. The entire look is FAB.....but how you matched the lip color to your shirt is nothing short of AWESOME!!!


  16. Oh gosh I LOVE this outfit on you! I wish I could pull off something like this.
    Love reading your blog and the many outfit inspirations! :)

    Glitter and Gradebooks


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