Sunday, June 16, 2013

Outfit of the Day | I'm on a Boat aaaaand...

Tee: Target | Shorts: Target | Sandals: Target | Bag: via TJMaxx | Obnoxious neon bra: SO via Kohl's

... it's goin' fast aaaaand, I've got a friend named Chris who owns an actual nautical-themed pashmina afghan. (He wears it like a cape when we're all on boats, true story.)

I want to be more upset that I missed blogging yesterday and busted my "every day in June" streak, but I was eating Pizza Hut in the car and getting my first sunburn of the season and watching crappy westerns with my parents so it's hard to be too disappointed.

Hope you and your dads are having a wonderful Father's Day!


  1. Pizza Hut is a legitimate excuse for anything in my book.

    1. amiright?! I'll never get over that crust.

  2. you killll me lady - now I'm going to be bopping around work to "I'm on a boat" all day in my head! And for that, I thank you!

    Enter my current giveaway!

    1. I'm flipping burgers you at Kinko's straight flipping copies. ;)


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