Monday, May 20, 2013

Outfit of the Day | Just a Small Town Girl

Jacket: H&M, super old | Tank: Kohl's, similar | Jeans: Gap | Flats: Ivanka Trump Annulia | Bracelet: J.Crew | Ring: F21 | Super classy Wild Turkey iPhone case: free from the hype girls at the bar | Sweaty face: courtesy of my dad who refuses to turn on the a/c until June 1st

The whole "living in a cupboard" thing presents an issue for outfit pics as I have zero space for a full length mirror and have to use my mama's, bad lighting and weird fur accessory included. Welcome to my summer y'all! We'll get through this.

I wore this to watch my dad get recognized for his service on the school board, and my third grade teacher and high school basketball coach were retiring, so it ended up being kind of an event. I'm a firm believer that everyone should be raised in a small town - you don't get into serious trouble because it's kind of like your parents have a thousand pairs of eyes, and it always feels like a big family reunion when you come home. Plus, you know, country music and truck beds and county fairs and fields. Having an end in sight makes me appreciate the time I get to spend here and actually enjoy it instead of just surviving it.

Anyway, this was my second time getting actually dressed since I've been home. And I really enjoyed it and I'm really sad it only happened for like an hour. New mission: actually get out of my pj's to study for the bar. (Don't hold me to it.)


  1. WHY would you get out of your pj's to study?! If you're going to go to that much effort, take a whole bunch of outfit pics at once then put your pj's back on for more studying and a little blogging ;-)

    I'm loving that tank with the jacket. Its like a mini trench!


  2. Hey, didn't you say you're from Kansas? Where exactly? I live in Nebraska :) also, getting dresses is overrated on Summer vacation :)

  3. Sam that braided White Top is so super cute and totally elevates your boyfriend Jeans into sth very chic, also when it also has been for an hour ;-)

    Good luck for your bar exam, you will rock it my sassy Nugget :-) When is the date?

  4. FAB green nails you little cutie! I am from a small town in Arkansas, and while I thought it pretty much SUCKED growing up, I have lovely thoughts for that little place now :) Somehow when I cross the state line I know every word to every country song...
    funny how that works!
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  5. Great outfit! It's perfectly put together!

  6. Girl, I'm glad I'm not the only one. It is seriously difficult to run a fashion blog when you wear pajamas 6 days a week. My goal for this week is the same as yours...get dressed to do at home bar study. Or at least make myself look presentable enough that I don't totally embarrass myself if somebody comes to my door.


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