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Blog Dogs | My New Favorite Outfit: Gracie

Good morning sunshines! WELCOME TO MAY!!! So sorry Blog Dogs is late, I hope you survived a whole Monday (and Tuesday... I extra suck) without puppies.

Today's little muffin is Gracie. Her mama is Ginny from My New Favorite Outfit who is one of my FAVORITE blog ladies maybe ever. Okay, definitely ever. Funny story: I'm emotionally scarred by beagles. My parents brought one home when I was a tiny little nugget, and that dog HATED me. She'd chase me around while I was in diapers and bite my heels. Howwwwwever, I'm nominating Gracie as breed ambassador because I'd take her home with me in a second. Not only is she indestructible (who eats razors and survives?!) but we have a lot in common - you know, like slobbering and stealing food. She's just cuter at it than I am.

1. Introduce us to your little furbaby!

This is Gracie, she's our nearly 6 year old Beagle.

2. Where and when and how did you get her?

We got Gracie around the time we got engaged. It was the summer, so I had all kinds of free time, like "sit and watch movies all day while Brian works" kind if time. Getting a puppy made perfect sense?!?! My now husband is quite the researcher and found that a Beagle would be the perfect dog to get. We found her in the paper and truth be told she was soooo stinking cute! She was actually really easy to potty train too, and she was a great summer companion while I was bored at home.

3. What's her favorite toy?

Grace loves balls, Frisbees, chews (raw hide) and anything that happens to be in the garbage that she thinks would be worth trying to eat or just make a huge mess with. She most recently thought eating my husband's old razors would be a good idea. For real.

4. Tell us your favorite puppy story. Come on, you know you have one.

In general she and our son Grant like each other, that is unless Grant has food and Grace thinks she needs it. Anyway, they love to play chase and Grant loves to throw Grace's toys for her. It makes me so happy to see both of them having fun. I'm guessing its kind of like seeing siblings play, minus the excess slobber. The only reason Grace is sitting still in this picture is because I'm dangling a carrot above the camera....

5. Does she have any funny quirks?

She licks. And licks. And licks. Herself, my hand, my leg, my foot, the face. Whatever. It drives my crazy! Honestly, it's my own fault, I allowed it when she was a puppy and now I've created a licking monster. Let that be a lesson to those of you training a pet (or your child) you can't get mad when the once sweet and innocent pet licks you to death in your sleep.

6. Where does Gracie sleep?

Sigh. In our bed, under the covers, then on top of the covers, then, just to mix it up, under the covers again. I wanted her kenneled at night but "someone" couldn't deal with her crying in the kennel, so in the bed she is. Now she'd probably be fine in a kennel, but I feel like it'd be kind of cruel and it'd hurt her poor doggy feelings, so instead I just let he wake me up a half dozen times a night to deal with the over/under covers situation.

7. Can she do any tricks?

Grace can shake and steal food from an unsuspecting hand in the blink of an eye. Case in point, this picture, it's probably a year and a half old, but you get the idea...

8. If you could describe Grace's personality in one word, what would it be?

So hard! When she's licking, rummaging through garbage, or stealing food she's a brat. BUT, when she's curled up next to me on the couch (as she is while I'm typing this) it's loving.

9. Are there any doggy products you can't live without?

Oh my, the Kong brand dog brush is amazaballs! Go get it, like yesterday! Grace is shedding like crazy since it's spring and that brush works wonders!

10. What's the best advice you have for someone who's considering getting a dog?

Having a pet is great, but it's also hard work. Truly make sure you have the time, energy, money, and most importantly, love to give to your sweet pet. They can be a great addition to your family. Just like us they'll have funny (and sometimes annoying) quirks, they aren't perfect, just like we aren't, so love them just the same.

THAT. FACE. Thanks for sharing her with us, Ginny :)

You may have noticed from my aaaaabsolute inability to dress myself/post anything that I'm taking a teensy tiny little hiatus until after graduation. Between finals, finishing grad things, my parents coming into town, cleaning out my Facebook friends (do you guys enjoy this as much as I do?!), a wedding last weekend, a wedding next weekend, doing a lot of this, and moving home... #clusterfuck. Give me a week or two to deshamble my life and I'll be good as new! In the meantime, help me procrastinate for my last final on twitter and Insta ;)


  1. Thanks for featuring my crazy dog :) have fun with your blogging break! What an exciting time for you right now!

  2. bahahahaha - the sleeping situation is all too familiar in my household! Oh & my toes are always clean from constant doggy licking toooo! Love this little cutie so much!

  3. I love that she listed stealing food as a trick! Bahahaha! Love it!

    p.s. go you for featuring blog dogs! They should totally have more of their own stuff in blog world!

  4. What a cutie pie!!! I love blogging pets:-)


  5. Super cute pup! Good luck with everything over the next few weeks!!



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