Monday, May 13, 2013

OOTD | In Which I Deem Feathers "The New Business Casual"

This is my grandma. Y'all have met her before. We share an affinity for sequins and big earrings and shiny things generally.

Totally cool if you read the title and pull one of these. I might deserve it.

I jumped into the burning ring of law school fire and I have emerged on the other side like a mofuggin' PHOENIX!! I'm also living in a cupboard at my parents' place for the summer. I am Harry Potter.

But it's fine. I've got big plans for my cupboard summer. Big plans.

More on that later.

Back to the clothes! Jesus H, did y'all forget this is a style blog? I think I did. I got distracted by puppies and whiskey. (That's a line I use more often than is appropriate.) No more! I bought this dress last semester some time, fully intending on wearing it at Christmastime, but then Christmas didn't feel very black feathery, and then I was going to wear it on Valentine's Day but I was at Harry Potter World with my parents instead of, you know, on any kind of date, and then I was going to wear it on spring break for formal dinner but it didn't feel very Mexico-ey, so the night before my graduation open house (AKA free wine and a jazz band and outside voices in the law library - we know how to party) when I couldn't find anything to wear, I threw business casual to the wind and busted out the feathers. I added my favorite F21 boyfriend blazer over it, because blazers make feather minis appropriate for law school functions... see what finals do to my brain?

Blazer: F21, stupid old | Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Target, recent from the clearance rack | Earrings: F21 | Clutch: crazy awesome TJMaxx find that doubles as a weapon | Ring: F21

I am super bummed that you can't tell my earrings are big and green. They're my favorite. That little firecracker of an old lady up there taught me early that when it comes to earrings, bigger is better, and you always coordinate them with your outfit. Always. Woman never leaves the house without insane earrings. In fact, her boss once asked her if she stole a stripper's pasties and stuck them on her ears... in his defense, they were pink and rhinestoned. And you know, shaped like pasties.

I think I digressed at some point. I'm so stoked to actually be writing a post again that I think my brain exploded on my keyboard. Up tomorrow: my actual graduation dress (and the three ways I've worn it in the week and a half since I graduated).


  1. You look gorg! Good to have you back, although I'm sure bar studying will be coming up soon.. I think last summer I posted a total of 2 outfits between May and the end of July, lol.

  2. Gorgeous dress, Sam! You look stunning. I love the feathery mini with the bf blazer. Very chic look. Congrats, my friend and big prayers for an amazing next chapter in your life.

    XO, Gina

  3. That outfit is SOO great!! Love it all! Congrats on being done with school too!

  4. You look beautiful and I can't wait to hear about your summer plans :)

  5. UHM, THOSE LEGS! Holy balls, that was really all I could pay attention to. Congratulations, I think?! (I kid, I kid!) Hope all the fabulous plans you have will work out in the best possible way!

  6. Congrats on your graduation and welcome back to blogging world! I am SO in love with this dress, especially with the blazer and those shoes! And since we can't see the earrings, you will have to wear them again soon so we can see them!


  7. Oooh, what a fun dress! I like how you paired it with the blazer, fun earrings, and shoes! I am super pumped to hear about your summer plans, too!! Yay!


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