Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OOTD | Neon Tan

Take 1: Graduation Day.
Leather jacket: Black Rivet | Dress: BCBGMAXAZRIA Avery | Belt: F21 | Heels: Prabal for Target

So back in this post I hinted that I pulled the trigger on a new graduation dress... it may have been a wee bit over the top. Though I guess a neon graduation dress was probably not out of the realm of foreseeable possibilities for a girl raised on honkytonk music.

Because nothing is ever allowed to go 100% smoothly in my life, it rained all day on graduation, the professor in charge of hooding me tried to choke me with the damn thing, and our dean of students decided to watch Sex and the City the night before and called me Samantha Jones instead of Johnson. What I lack in actual full-length outfit pics I make up for in funny stories.

Take 2: Graduation Night. Tan cargo jacket, cognac belt, the glittery Target sandals. No pictures, because we were much too busy scream-singing every sad song even remotely connected to graduation that we could find.

Take 3: Wedding. 
Cardi: Target, recent | Belt: Target, recent | Shoes: BCBG

My friend actually does look like a pinup girl, just not to this extreme. ;)
Had a wonderful time at one of my sorority sister's wedding this last weekend, though my shoes came off and my hair went up pretty quickly. We started the night with the wobble and ended with glowsticks and Thunderdrunk... sometimes you can just tell when a marriage is going to last.


  1. Wooo congrats on graduatine! That's super exciting! And that dress looks amazing on you :)


  2. LOVE that dress!!!
    Congrats on graduating too :D

  3. WOW, that's BRIGHT! but good for you for going with it! It looks good on your skin, and I love the Target heels with it for graduation.


  4. Love that dress! And your hair looks great... it makes me want to grow my hair out again!

  5. Perfection! Love the color on that dress. Congratulations!

  6. Samantha Jones? Really? That sucks. Love the dress though, so excited for your next steps in life :)

  7. Wow. You look gorgeous girl! And I love you in neon...kinda fits your personality :) Congrats on your graduation. Definitely an accomplishment. And I think being called Samantha Jones is a compliment! She's gorgeous, bold, passionate, and smart. All things you :)

    Thanks for linking up as always friend...
    xo - Marion

  8. Love this dress it is so fun! :)

  9. Such a fab dress! Love it with the leather jacket! Congratulations on graduating! I was actually telling my mom today how rain on graduation day is tradition! Rained during my HS grad, undergrad grad & I'm sure it'll rain during my MBA grad next week! Found you via Marion's linkup! You can check out my outfit here!

    Stilettos & Sequins

  10. Wow, that dress is killer! Congrats!

  11. Girl, rain or not...you KILLED it in that dress!!! LOVE it. And that wedding, well, those are my kind of people!! :) You are just too cute for words!!!

  12. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on graduating - I looove the dress :)

  13. Obviously, neon is the perfect choice for graduation. Wish I had thought of that.

    And congratulations!!!! You look amazing. I'm kind of obsessed with that rain picture. For some weird reason.

    A Devine Life

  14. WOHOOOOOOOOO, congrats on your graduation Sam, you looked so beautiful and that neon Dress saved your life crossing the street in order not to get driven over hehehe ;-)



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