Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Under the Weather

Jacket: H&M | Top: F21 | Pants: Princess Vera, Kohl's | Shoes: Target | Necklace: F21 | Watch: Kohl's | Bracelet: ASOS | Ring: F21

Two love-hate things about blogging:
1. I always know when I need to get back on the self-tanning wagon. Oh hai that's right meow.
2. Even when I'm not feeling so hot, I don't go for my sweats anymore, because sweatpants and this blog are mortal enemies, and I don't want blood on my hands. And also those would be super crappy pictures. Seriously, we'll have pajama day sometime. You'll see.

But you know what? Looking better really does make me feel better. It's not superficial, it's medicinal.

Also, I know I'm "under the weather," but some folks are literally under the weather. Thoughts and prayers with everyone on the east coast.


  1. Amen sister, to all of the above! I think we should have a mandatory pajama post day, where you are not allowed to blog unless you are in your pj's. That might get weird though, so maybe not. There are some freaky deaky peeps out there. I have to say, you look amazeballs (love that term) for feeling under the weather. Your pants, they are insane. Thanks for making me head to Kohl's asap to find those bad boys. Could my comment be any longer???

    1. I'm all about it. Bring on the weird! And by weird I mean my size XXXXL hoodie and polka dot shorts and zebra socks. Wish I was joking. Actually Boyfriend wishes I was joking... hahaha.

      And yes it COULD be longer... wait for it...

  2. Your fair tan is beautiful Sam, looking crispy brown in that season would look super unnatural :-)PLUS you don't wanna look like a saddle cloth by the end of 30 hahaha -just saying UNLESS you decide to prosecute :-P
    Maybe we should design our own super stylish and sophisticated sweat pants, sweat skirts and sweat shorts hahaha, we would look super hot and are comfy all the time, I love that idea :-D
    It's crazy how clothes can make you feel beautiful, so seriously instead of goig to the psychologist investing the money in to shopping is so more effective :-)
    OKAY that beeing said lets move to your outfit :-)
    Look at those pants, they are so princess ;-) hehe- KILLER BABY! I have a serious crush on those heels, they are absolutely miauhish and chic at the same time :-) Love your outfit and the mix of pattern Sam. Have a great humpday!

    PS: I beat biscuitsandnavy :-D



    1. BAM! Hahaha girl I LOVE YOU. You should have seen me in high school... actually I'm glad you didn't. I gave up tanning though, so now I'm just oompaloompa orange or pasty vampire, but it beats the hell out of skin cancer!

      I never thought of it that way... all this money I spend on clothes, I'm actually saving money on therapy! Wait until I tell Boyfriend. And my parents. They'll be so proud. Let me know when you're ready to start designing our sweats... instead of Pink, we'll call them Miauh. I'd rather have that on my butt any day of the week. ;) Thanks for the comment pretty lady!


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