Sunday, October 28, 2012


Trick or treat! While not my dog, strictly speaking, what you see above is the world's most precious chihuahua, brought to you by one of my BFFs (IDK, Jill? jk.) and her fiancé. He's a good sport (the chihuahua, and the fiancé). Here he is as a shark (during Shark Week, of course) and as Prince Charming. What a stud.

Big dogs don't get to have quite as much fun with the costume thing, but Nugget did wear a sombrero once and is still sometimes known as Juan Pablo. This pretty much just consisted of her running around the apartment and us yelling ay ay ay ay ay!

I have yet to find a costume that will fit Indy and doesn't cost a million trillion fofillion dollars, but here he is doing his best billygoat impression. One night during finals last year I looked up from the couch and saw him climbing up on the table. What I wouldn't give to know what goes through that dog's mind...


  1. OMG, way too cute!! Love the costumes that your friend picked out for her dog, especially the shark costume!

    Suzie Q
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    1. Ahhh thanks!! You picked a winner, it's actually the first thing I ever bought him! haha I'm such a proud aunt ;)

  2. Awww Sam, that Chihuahua is way toooooooo CUTE. Hahahaha, that shark costume made me laugh so badly, that's freakin' hilarious :-D also the Prince Charming outfit. It's just so funny when dogs get incoporate in a tradition as well.

    So your Nugget is a really Mexican doggy huh? How cool is that he yells aj aj aj, I could totally imagine that and cracked me up. Sam you are def creative hahahahaha

    Have a great start in the week.


    1. She IS a Mexican puppy, but I don't think she knows it. Really she just likes loud noises and being chased around, so I think you could call her pretty much anything as long as you were giving her attention :) She's not big on spicy things, though. She got ahold of a tiny jalapeno slice by accident the other day and the look on her face was like we were torturing her. Sad, but also hilarious!


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