Monday, October 29, 2012

All Hallow's Eve

Admiral General Aladeen and a unicorn horse and bayonet.
(Picture thanks to our Student Bar Association)

As promised, my first ever store-bought costumes, one unicorn/horse and bayonet, one infant-sized Yoda. My Yoda lightsaber fared better than last year's Ewok club, thanks to a barwide effort to repair it when it got jammed halfway through the night. It's either a shining example of humanitarianism on the part of total strangers or a great one liner: "how many lawyers does it take to fix a lightsaber..."

Though I'll warn you that infant costumes 1) make for super unattractive head-squishing pictures and 2) require a little creativity in the "no wardrobe malfunctons" department, they're cheaper and it gives you some hilarious options. Also, no one else was wearing my costume, which probably had more to do with the fact that you just can't make Yoda slutty.

Best Costumes of the Night
(Awards which are completely made up and the points don't matter)
- Darkwing Duck. Not gonna lie, next time I'm in a costume crunch, this is happening.
- Dexter and a victim. And by victim, I mean a girl wearing Spanx and saran wrap and nothing else. That's called taking one for the team. And taking forever in the bathroom.
- Fairytales Anonymous (a.k.a. classic characters with serious daddy issues, a.k.a. my friends): Robin Hoodrat, Puddles the rabid dalmatian, Snow White with a drinking problem, Alice in Wonderland with a gambling problem, Tinkerbell with a... glitter... problem, and my personal favorite, Pimpkey Mouse.

Horses and bayonets, a binder full of women, and a beer girl to top it off.
(Thanks again, SBA!)

Two great warriors (Hercules and Yoda). Also a lobster.

Linking up with IFB today for the Halloween Costume Challenge!


  1. Omg!!!! you are a unicorn!!!!! sooo cute! Love your costume!!! sooo cute!
    xox Beckerman sisters

    1. I am!!! Hahaha Lucy Hale stole my costume, can you believe? Whaaat a b ;) Thanks for the comment!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks girl! Talking like him was the best part - buy me a drink you will ;) Haha. Love your blog!

  3. you look so cute in that outfit! great post :)

    want to follow each other?

    1. Um, absolutely! I noticed on your very first page that you have leopard pants... sold :)

  4. You look adorable! I love your matching purple glitter purse. Every unicorn's must have item! xo

    1. It's from the nugget section at Target. I may not be able to shop their light-up tennis shoes, but by God I can buy their purses!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! That stripe jacket in your new post is to. die. for. If it disappears it absolutely wasn't me. ;)

  6. Great costumes! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo

  7. Unicorns and Yoda! Those are seriously two of my favorite things EVER. Your Ewok costume from last year is adorable too. I've been wanting to dress my dog up like one :D

    <3, Nina

    1. DO IT. Have you seen the picture of the dog that looks just like Chewbacca? I want to blowdry my shepherd and see how close I can get him ;) hahaha


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