Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love Halloween - buuut I don't do the slutty nurse/cat/pumpkin (How I Met Your Mother!!) thing. Much to Boyfriend's (eternal, everpresent, perpetual) chagrin, I go for weird-borderline-nerdy.

At our law school, Halloween is a two night event. 1L year, I was Ke$ha, which was my absolute 200% most favorite costume ever. In the history of time. No one else quite felt the same, thanks to the bag of glitter that I blew in peoples faces, and their drinks, and all over the bar. We were finding glitter in the gutters around campus for weeks after that. I was an Ewok the next night, which ultimately led to the confiscation of the club you see in that picture by a bouncer and the subsequent verbal assault of that bouncer because drunk Ewok me was puzzled as to how I was supposed to protect us all from the Empire with naught but my bare hands.

It was an epic weekend.

Last year, a giant group of us went as superheroes. Naturally the first thing that came to my mind was Pikachu. (As you may be able to surmise, we weren't your Avengers-style superhero clan.) I wanted to get some fishing bobber-ball things to use as Pokeballs to throw at people I-choose-you-Pikachu-style, but after the Ke$ha glitter debacle, I was all but banned from using props. Two of my friends were Bananas in Pajamas. Not superheroes. Still awesome.
In our first ever couples' costume, Boyfriend and I were God's Gift to Women and a delivery elf the next night. Not sure how we're ever gonna top that one.

As you read this, I'm recovering from night one of Halloweekend 2012 and pumping up for night two. Three fun facts about this year's costumes, to be revealed in all their glory on Monday:
1. They're my first ever store-bought costumes. Half bummed about this, half excited.
2. One of them is infant-sized, which is either a new high or a new low. In my defense, it's designed for the world's fattest infant.
3. They involve mythical creatures, the Empire, and political jabs.


  1. Halloween is fun but you REALLY it the nail on the head with your Christmas costumes!!! Thats a great idea because I am a sucker for Christmas! :)


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    1. Isn't it crazy?! It was so last minute, but it was one of my favorite costumes ever. Good thing I am my mother's daughter and I have all my Christmas stuff within easy reach all year round ;)

  2. See? I told you I was stalking you today. LOVE the Ewok costume!!

    1. Hahaha I don't mind one single bit. The Ewok was SO FUN.


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