Saturday, October 20, 2012

Suitcase Remix

Cargo jacket: Rubbish | Leather jacket: HauteLook | Suede jacket: TJMaxx | Scarf: Apt. 9 | Sweater: F21 | Black tee: H&M | Gray skirt: F21 | Black skirt: Target | Nude pumps: BCBG Cielo | Booties: Betsey Johnson Ziah | Black pumps: Steven by Steve Madden Delicatt | T-strap heels: ASOS

Alternate title: "The Nine Outfits Hiding In My Vegas Suitcase That I Actually Would Have Worn Had I Realized That They Existed At That Time"

I had several "I have nothing to wear" moments while I was in Vegas, and though they all solved themselves, once I got home I decided to prove to myself that I actually had more outfits than I could possibly have worn. (I also decided to prove that I could do absolutely nothing for an entire week besides wear pjs and catch up on TV shows, hence the messy bun and glaringly obvious lack of makeup/shower - I realize that once I'm a big kid this will be called "being a hobo" instead of "being on fall break".)

This is a lightbulb moment for me - I could go literally on vacation three times over on the same suitcase. I don't have any vacations planned, but there is a month with 30 days right around the corner that would be ohsoperfect for a certain 30x30 challenge. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Also, this picture is so much more epic in the wake of our boy Flav getting arrested Wednesday morning - epic in the sense that we were among the last to see him before he gave the world the greatest mugshot in the history of time, absolutely not epic in the sense that his arrest involved assault with a deadly weapon and his girlfriend.


  1. great post!

  2. The key is some creativity and remixing items ET VOILA you have totally different outfits. Funny how just a jacket and a pair of shoes can make a difference huh? I will keep that in my mind when I go to the States over christmas, not packing to much and restyling hehe ;-)

    I am your bloglovin Follower # 2 :-). Keep it up love your blog :-)

    <3 Ani

    1. Huge difference! I was amazed.
      You have no idea how excited having another follower makes me :) welcome welcome welcome!!!

  3. What a great idea to challenge yourself to remix *after* the trip. You really can get a lot out of a few things, as I discovered when I managed to travel around the country for 10 days with just a carry-on! (Proof: :))

    1. Just saw your comment - 10 days in a carry on is IMPRESSIVE. You're an inspiration for us all :)

  4. Congrats on this post girlie! You were featured on IFB's weekly line up!


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