Saturday, January 26, 2013

30 for 30 | 23 & 24: All Work, No Play

Sweater: F21 | Skirt: INC | Flats: Ivanka Trump Annulia | Earrings: F21 | Ring: F21

I miss my internship this semester.
By "this semester" I mean it's been less than a month and I'm dying over here.

To me, class is work. Class kind of sucks. My internship, going to work, that stuff is fun. In class, I read about cases that happened a hundred years ago. Important, sure. But at work I get to see cases that are happening now. They might not ever make it to the Supreme Court or involve any highbrow philosophical issues, but they're real and they're interesting and they're fun.

So here are two outfits I didn't wear this semester because I wasn't going to work, and the temperature was too damn cold to wear them to class for schnitz and giggles. And when I fly south for the winter/the rest of my life, I'm going to flaunt bare legs in 40 degree lows and gripe to my grandchildren about how spoiled they are when they say it's cold.

"You think this is cold? When I was in college an icestorm hit that was so bad I lost power for six and a half days and had to take showers in my 35 degree house uphill both ways in the snow."*

Jacket: F21 | Shirt: Old Navy | Skirt: F21 | Flats: Ivanka Trump Annulia | Earrings: F21

*Partially true story


  1. I really like the first look, it's like comfy-chic. I'm officially coining that term, BTW. :) bummer you have to sit in class, hopefully you'll feel like that parted paired off when your a high power, high-paid attorney. :)

  2. Digging the neutral and winter white in the first outfit - glitter flats, yay! and the stripe down the front of your skirt in 24 is so fun. I'm so jealous that you'll be kissing the cold weather behind soon! And by kissing, I obviously mean giving it the middle finger and not looking back.

    Nicole @ Sequined Patterns

  3. I love that first outfit on you girl. Even if you have HUSSY LEGS.

    so are you for sure going to live in texas FOR EVER? did you get a job there? why are you moving even further away from me?!

  4. Ahh, that first outfit is just great. I love the sweater!

    Hello, Libby Dear

  5. i LOVE the first outfit so much. apparently a chunky sweater is the perfect way to style a snake skin pencil skirt and now i've added both to my wishlist. the statement ring and sparkle shoes are both simple but really make the outfit.

    come to texas now! we're having 80* weather this week.

    1. ps. i grabbed a button! you're my new favorite blog.

  6. LOL, I'm dying laughing at your story! Ice storms suck, and so does walking uphill both ways in the snow ;-)

    Great outfits! I'm drooling over both skirts.


  7. Loving that first outfit - it looks comfortable, but still polished.

  8. Sam, I absolutely love that snow white colour on you, you cute lil snow bunny. The knitted sweater with the python skirt is super sophisticated yet comfy, I absolutely love it my sunshine sis :-*


  9. Love the first outfit! Gorgeous!

  10. Love that snake print skirt! It's perfect paired with the sweater. You know, you are pretty good at this blogging thing girlie;)

  11. I really love those flats every time you wear them. You pull off pointy toe so well and look classy and such. I have such a hard time finding ones that work for me without making me look like a witch.


  12. I love the leather panel skirt! Can't believe it's F21, such a great find!

  13. I love the boucle jacket and that fun python skirt. The first outfit is one of my favorites of yours in this challenge.

    Ohh and here is a little surprise for you:

    Have a Great Sunday Evening, Ada. =)

  14. You pull off classy but cute work appropriate like a BOSS! Why do I not have a python pencil skirt in my life yet!?!?

  15. Great outfits! Very professional and chic.


  16. Love the flats and your style ...


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