Wednesday, January 16, 2013

30 for 30 | 12: Multiple Choice

Sweater: F21 | Button down: Target | Pants: Princess Vera via Kohl's | Booties: ShoeMint | Necklace: F21 | Watch: Fossil 

Want to play a fun game? It's called "Which Of These Outfits Should I Have Worn Out In Public Yesterday" with the fun twist being that I actually wore two of them out in public already so, much like Who's Line Is It Anyway, the points don't matter, except they do matter because you guys are like my style sensais and your grasshopper needs you.

Your options:
A. The White Out. I would have preferred a different colored sweater... but it's 30 for 30.
B. The Shametuck. Which I don't find all that shameful because I've always tucked my shirts in this way. Just ask my high school basketball coach.
C. The "If Not For The Butt Pockets You'd Thing These Pants Were Leggings." 
D. None Of The Above, You Bunweasel.

Also, any of you who live in the general vicinity of Texas (DFW specifically) would you do me a GIANT favor and take a few minutes out of your day to email me your thoughts/loves/hates about your city? Because my other favorite fun game to play as of late is "Throw Darts at the US Map to Decide Where to Take the Bar"...


  1. I'm going to guess A and D. You wouldn't really shametuck with a shamepuff, would you? :)

  2. Those jeans are so cool & I love that blouse & necklace. I lived in Dallas for 6 months and loved it, great city.

    You are kicking butt with this challenge, you know. ;-)

  3. That's not a shametuck! It's all in the front, the shametuck (to me, at least) is half in and half out the front like you were running late or something. Anywho, I love the top/sweater/necklace/topknot combo. It's cute.

  4. i've lived in texas my whole life! i haven't spent a whole lot of time in the DFW area, but most people i know are from there. dallas has great shopping and, while it's no austin, has a really warm personality and there is always something new to try. you should check out chelsea at's from/lives in dallas!

  5. I really love the outfit with the white sweater. It's so pretty. The layers look awesome and I love your boots. And, I live in Dallas!! It's an awesome city with seriously so much going on. There are a million delicious places to eat...not chain restaurants either. There's great shopping. And Fort Worth is about 45 minutes away with super fun things like the rodeo and the stockyard. It's really a great city. And the people here are very nice. It is the south. :) If you have more questions...just let me know!

  6. B is my favorite and I seriously loooovvvveeee these pants. Halfway done with the challenge!

  7. The first pic is my fav look out of the three.

    And I don't live in Dallas but I know a lot of people that do and the LOVE it! I have been there to visit a few times and I am a huge fan as well (except I don't think I could do the summer heat, but thats just me).


  8. OOo I really wish I had a shirt like that. I love it with the black necklace. SO glad Fran shared your blog. I am loving your outfits.

  9. I like the first one! ANNNND the second is the lesser evil of shametucks, and I personally think it looks fine. The really bad ones are the ones where one side of the button down is tucked and the other is hanging out, a la J.Crew. UGH UGH UGH hate those.

  10. Nice outfits! Love them!

    WOuld you like to followe each other?

    StyleList By Me Blog

  11. Oh I love this look!!! I need those booties!! So cute!


  12. I looooooooove all the looks, but the first and second are my favorites. No shame in tucking, m'lady.
    One thing I forgot to mention in my e-mail to you about Dallas is that it's AMAZING for shopping & restaurants. I feel like there are 10x the number of restaurants and stores in Texas in general than in any other place, but Dallas always seemed like, the shopping Mecca. Outdoor malls galore, tons of delicious restaurants... GO GO GO, Sam! And invite me to visit you. Every other month.

  13. I LOVE those purple boots! Gorgeous! :)

    Also, I nominated you for a blogging award over at my blog! I hope you'll check it out and play along!

  14. girl you know I love the shametuck. It allows for your shirt to be tucked in, but it hides my love handles ( kind of hides them). How do I get my hair to look like yours? Will you make mine do it too? Ok, we'll add that to our to-do list in Chicago: Sam teaches Fran how to make the perfect bun.

  15. Gorge necklace - it looks more expensive than a F21 piece!

  16. All cute, but my favorite is the last one :)



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