Monday, January 14, 2013

30 for 30 | 10: On Mondays We Wear Pink

Sweater: F21 | Jeans: Jolt via TJMaxx | Boots: Report | Scarf: Simply Vera

So the first thing my friend said when he saw me yesterday was "well you look pink." And I was all "on Mondays we wear pink." And he was all "Who's we?" And I was all say whaaaaaaa

Apparently boys don't get Mean Girls jokes.
The list of things I don't get about the male species could fill an ocean.

Aaaanyway, taking real pictures again is eye-opening. As in, my eyes are open to the fact that I need new boots. These bunch in a weird way around my ankles and they are best and most eloquently described in color as "poop brown." Advice time: do I hunt some down now, while I can still wear them during the winter, or do I wait until the summer sales when they're half off?


  1. Pipelime is having an awesome boot sale right now! And an extra 20% off the sale prices! :) I always say ill wait until the offseason to buy, but then I end up buying now anyway. (And maybe in the offseason too). :)

    Love your Monday pink BTW.


  2. IN Germany boots are already on sale now, they are no boots on sale in the summer as they dont sell them ;-)

    Love that bright bold sweater and its so good to see you smile again Sam :-*

  3. YAY pink! Love it. And I would check out boot sales now, seems like there are a lot. If you find a pair you LOVE and they're on sale, go for it. If you find a pair you kinda like, wait until they are discounted more. My fav new color boots is the cognac color!


  4. I would have never thought to pair pink with burgundy but I love it!!!

  5. LOL they are chocolate brown, not poop! I see the bunching, but a bunch of my boots do that too so I guess I never noticed a problem. If you can find ones that don't bunch though let us know because I'd love to have non-bunching boots, but didn't know they existed outside of the super sturdy $400 price range

  6. Too funny. A lot of places have good deals on boots now, I'd go check it out for sure.

  7. The pink and burgundy looks pretty together, and are those pants ombre? Love! I have a pair of boots that is supposed to bunch at the ankles. It drove me nuts at first but I got used to it after awhile.

  8. You're totally making "Fetch" happen. :)
    I like the boots, but mine are always slouchy. I just tell myself that's a thing.

  9. I like you in pink!
    Hey, thanks for the heads up about the tartan shirt. I'm trying to resist it because I didn't want to pay that much and I did do some shopping yesterday. Oh, but I really really want it.
    Have a fabulous day, Sam
    XO, Gina

  10. Men! (To be read with an eye roll!)
    Love this look - this is why I NEED to try a 30x30. The scarf is beaut too.
    My long boots always slouch - weird ankles?! - Meh.

  11. Every October third I ask my husband what day it is and when he answers I giggle. He STILL doesn't remember the reference. I love how bright your top is!

  12. My husband has never seen Mean Girls either. I was so insulted and confused when I first figured that out. What's worse is when I make hilarious (to myself) Mean Girls references and he can't laugh with me because he doesn't get it.

    Boots are already starting to get clearanced out! Look around for some good deals. I don't see a big problem with the ones you're wearing now though! I get what you're sayin' about the ankle thing, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to me. As long as you're wearing pink on Monday. And no jeans until Friday. And no sweatpants ever. OR ELSE YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!


  13. I need all the clothing items in this shade of pink! And I'm thinking post 30 x 30, I'll go stock up on some boots on sale and be the girl refusing to accept that winter's over in February and March.

    Nicole @ Sequined Patterns

  14. Love the pink on you! xoxo.

  15. Tough call on the boots...maybe they'll go on sale in a couple of weeks so you could get a pair to tide you over.
    I love Mean Girls jokes, and some boys do get them! Someone made a comment about what earrings Gretchen wasn't allowed to wear and my 16 year old brother piped up with "She can't wear hoops. Those are Regina's thing!" This is a clear sign that he has an older sister and watched Mean Girls far too much as a child :)
    Libby at

  16. I am crazy about that sweater! The color is perfection!

  17. I would say shop now. I was on a mad hunt for black riding boots and the supplies are already dwindling as spring lines come in. I wear an average shoes size and most of the styles I found and liked were sold out of my size. Pooh. So I would say at least start shoppping now, and keep your eye out for anything you like and is available in your size.


  18. That bright shade of pink is your color - it goes really well with your complexion and hair!

  19. hahaha I can totally see that conversation play out. on our chicago trip we'll have to take a few hours in between shopping and watch it and quote it at each other.

    I've been wondering about the boot stuff to. Like it's only January so there's still heaps of months for boot wearing, but then again, we'll have like 75 more winters so might as well get nicer shoes for less money in a few months? I don't know.


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