Friday, September 28, 2012


Blazer: F21 | Top: Gap | Jeans: American Eagle | Boots: Report | Scarf: F21 | Bracelet: Kohl's | Earrings: Target

Remember that time I was all "hey Summer, piss off, I love me some wool" and then a few weeks later I was all "hey Summer, I didn't mean it, I know it's 63 and rainy but let's pretend you're still here and wear neon." Ohhh that's right it's now.

Funny story since I capitalized Summer like it's omnipotent: before I showed up at my internship this summer, one of the ladies in the office wrote my start date on the calendar. She meant to write "Summer intern starts today" but instead she wrote "Summer Johnson starts today." For weeks, someone would call me "Summer... uh... Sam" and I walked around wondering if I'd spelled my own name wrong on my resume or something before someone finally let me in on the joke.

Can you imagine trying to make a missing poster for me at this point? "Answers to Sam... and Dorothy... and Summer. We can explain."


  1. Sam, you hair looks super cute braided in the front :-). I am sucker for scarfs, love this one its so bright and fun :-9

    <3 Ani

  2. You look so beautiful in this picture! I wish I had the balls to wear my hair up like that! Argh!



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