Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Of Course You're Still Single, Take a Look at Yourself You Dumb Slut

Dress: Loft | Cardi: Gap | Shoes: Nine West | Necklace: Anthropologie | Ring: F21

Here's hoping you caught the How I Met Your Mother reference and weren't silently agreeing that my dress gives off a "single dumb slut" vibe. Either way.

Some people spend years searching for the perfect winter boot, or the perfect skinny jeans, or the meaning of life. Since Jennifer Lopez's guest appearance on HIMYM in March 2010, I've spent an obscene amount of time searching for the perfect giraffe print dress. (Um, check.) Now that I've got the hard stuff down, bring on the existential crises.

Also: this will forever be known as the dress I was wearing when won my first case (read: got my first result that's not a continuance). Take a look at that, you dumb slut.

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