Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shopping | In Which I Give You Valid Reasons to Buy Things

Reasons to Shop for Pretty Dresses in April
Graduation (if you're not graduating and no one you know is graduating, I'M GRADUATING! Ya welcome.)
Bachelorette parties
Bridal showers
Baby showers
Formals (grown-up prom... with liquor)
The Derby
Because it's warm(er)
Because they're pretty
Because the Mayan apocalypse could still be coming, they were just bad at math

I'm a sucker for pretty dresses, guys. That and puppies. And Jenna Marbles videos on YouTube, and fries. So what have we learned today? Sam sucks.

Since I swore I wasn't going to buy a new dress for graduation and then I did it anyway (hint: it's pictured!) we're going to play a fun game in the next few weeks called "how many different ways can you work a semi-formal dress into your everyday life to bring the cost-per-wear down to a level that doesn't make you cry." Who's with me!

As soon as I decided to spend more than Forever 21 on a grad dress, I beelined for BCBG because I luuurrrrvvvveeee my Vegas dress (top middle in a different color) so much that I've worn it more than any LBD in my closet. True story. Apparently sequins are the new black. So really it's my... LSD. Oh great. Hi bar examiners! Make sequins not war. I swear I'm not on drugs.

(source... for the image, not LSD)


  1. You're suggesting we buy a dress for each one of those events, right? Because that sounds like a genius idea.

    A Devine Life

  2. omg, i lolled so hard at the psychedelic cat. love all the dresses, especially the 2 sequin ones!

  3. LSD - Ooops! You have convinced me to buy new dresses, which is pretty easy, because I have a dress-buying problem already. I'm trying to think of more casual ways to wear a few of my dresses, too.

  4. oh my, I am a sucker for a pretty dress. left side, second one down is my fav!

    -Jenna Brianne

  5. Sam, I am drolling over that pleated with pop of neon BCBG Maxi dress, what a dream dress for the summer and so many occasions, too bad its so expensive. I am excited which graduation dress you picked and how you will wear it sweetheart. When it comes to buying dresses, I am with you. As a matter of facte the last couple of evening I was surfing too for some cute maxi dresses and a dress for my best friends wedding. Look at that link, is this super dress No. 8 not freaking amazing?:

    Have a great weekend my sassy nugget :-*


  6. Your blog is super cute! Enjoying catching up on all your stylish outfits! We have very similar style! :)


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