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Blog Dogs | The Second Best: Beau

I thought I'd seen wrinkles. My parents had bulldogs forever, and one of them even had to have a butt lift. I thought I'd seen it all.

I had not.

When I started following Natalie from The Second Best on Instagram, I had no idea I was in for so much more than super frigging cute outfits. I actually thought she adopted some kind of walrus/hippo hybrid. Beau is officially the squishiest, most precious little ball of wrinkles this girl's ever seen. And make sure you watch the rubber chicken video. I DIE.

1. Introduce us to your little furbaby.
Beau Wilson Hodak (yes, his middle name is Wilson) aka Hey Beau Wrinkles (if we're going by his AKC name) is my little wrinkle muffin and love of my and the hub's life. He's a pure bred Chinese Shar-Pei but thinks he's a person.

2. Where and when and how did you get Beau?
2011 was a pretty crap-tastic year for my family and I was having a hard time, so my hubs and I decided that we should get that dog we've wanted ever since we got serious. I fell in love with a shar-pei mix I found online but he was already adopted, so without doing much more research into the breed, I became obsessed and finally found puppies for sale near us. We met all the pups and initially, I had my heart set on a blue one, but there was some high drama with the breeder about first picks and we ended up with our little tan (well he's actually called a lilac dilute) roll of wrinkles. We lost our family dog of 13 years earlier that year and I can still see my mom's face when she walked into my apartment, under the guise of wedding planning, and saw Beau, it was priceless and I would get 100 more dogs for that reaction.

3. What are his favorite toys?
Beau's favorite toy of all are my husband's socks. Preferably ones that he's taken off at the end of a long day and left on the floor. But if we have to talk serious dog toys, he loves his nylabones and these crazy rubber chickens we got at Target (see video).

4. Tell us your favorite Beau story.
There are WAY too many, but one of my favorites is that one weekend when my parents were dog-sitting, my mom walked in on Beau sitting on top of the kitchen table. He hadn't eaten anything off of it, he was just sitting on top, a midst the plates. Because he's part mountain goat.

5. Does Beau have any funny quirks? 
Beau needs to sit on people. So if we're sitting on the couch, and especially if my husband has a laptop on his lap, Beau will, without fail, sit on one of us.

6. Where does he sleep?
In our bed, at our feet, on our feet, and if one of us isn't home, in the other's spot.

7. Can Beau do any tricks?
Yes! We took training him pretty seriously, so as long as he's in our apartment, he can sit, shake, lay down, speak, park it (run to his dog bed in the corner of the living room and sit in it), come, stay, stop, and my personal favorite, high-five (see video). When outside the apartment, we're lucky if he hears anything we say at all. (Apparently dogs act differently in different environments.)

8. If you could describe Beau's personality in one word, what would it be?
Spoiled (but entitled works just as well). He thinks he's the king, which, I guess, is actually true.

9. Are there any doggy products you can't live without?
These gross dried lambs lung (they look exactly how they sound) treats that Beau loves and his Kong ball where we put said treats.

10. What's the best advice you have for someone who's considering getting a dog?
Go to puppy training classes - they really do give you some great tips and tricks on how to train your dog! Oh and doing research about the breed isn't a bad thing. For instance, because of his wrinkles, Beau will need an eye lift. (That's right, I have to pay for my dog to get an eye lift.)

Thanks for sharing Beau with us for the day, Natalie! And if he goes missing it was for sure not me ;) Check in next week to meet Vienna Ann, Sophia, and their auntie Jenna from Wearable.Fun.Fashion!


  1. The cuteness of the first picture is overwhelming!!! He's SO freaking adorable! I love wrinkle dogs, but he totally looks like a walrus/hippo hybrid! And I love this series, great way to put a smile on my face this Monday morning!


  2. well it's official, beau is a superstar, haha! thanks for having us, sam!


  3. He is SOOO adorable. I considered getting a Shar Pei but didn't do enough research into the breed - this is my first time hearing about eye lifts and butt lifts!

  4. He sure is a cutie! #4 was my fav. My dog Taylor did the same thing .. I was in the den working on the computer, heard a noise, looked to see what it was, dog is on the dinning room table. Yup, part billy goat.


  5. Adorable!! I'm really loving this Blog Dog series!

  6. I love Natalie's Beau, he often makes an appearance in her blog pictures and totally steals my heart. What a cute lil wrinkle face. He totally looks like a hippo just so much CUTER. I hope you do great in your exams my super smart lil nugget :-)


  7. Omg Beau is adorableeeee!! I always love looking at his pics on Natalie's IG! Found you via her blog! Such a cute feature!

    xo – Sheila
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  8. I am dying right now. THOSE WRINKLES! and those little eyes! and those little ears! I typically do not like bigger dogs but my gosh, I am now convinced this breed rocks.

    -Jenna Brianne

  9. OBsessed. Hi Beau!



  11. How adorable!!! Love it! And I love love love your blog--you have such great fashion sense! So to honor you and your wonderful blog I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Come check out the details on my post today so you can take part, and I can't wait to read your answers!



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