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Blog Dogs | Wearable.Fun.Fashion: Vienna & Sophia

So when Jenna at Wearable.Fun.Fashion said she'd like to introduce her nieces, I was immediately in love. Anyone who uses familial terms with animals is a friend of mine. Not only is this girl hilarious (oh you don't believe me? Bloopers post from last week. boom) but she's an auntie to a pitbull.

Not that I don't adore little miss Vienna the hotdog bossdog... but let me tell you how I feel about pitbulls.

I wrote a paper in law school on the unconstitutionality of breed-specific legislation (pit bull bans). Fun fact: not only is "pit bull" not technically a breed (which means you can't define it with any reasonable, rational, predictable results), but people are routinely robbed of their family pets with no due process, no opportunity to fight the 'charges', no proof of wrongdoing whatsoever besides an animal control worker's basic idea of what a pit looks like. People are excluded from living in certain places because dogs of a similar body structure to their dog has committed a bad act at some point in the past. It's sort of like not letting someone move in to an apartment because their great uncle twice removed who has the same eye color robbed a convenience store and the neighbors raise their eyebrows. This, as a future lawyer, appalls me.

But this is another lecture for another day.

On to the cute puppy pics!

1. Introduce us to your little furbaby!

I am so excited to introduce my beautiful doggie nieces, Vienna Ann and Sophia. They are my older sister Wendy's dogs but I take the role of "doggie Aunt" very seriously :) Vienna is a dachshund and Sophia is the sweetest pittie you will ever meet! They are "sisters" and love each other so much. You can always find them cuddling, spooning (for real, see evidence below), or "play-biting" each other. 

2. Where and when and how did you get Vienna and Sophia?

Well Vienna's mom is actually MY dachshund, Trixie-Belle Rose. Trixie-Belle and my other dachshund, Ernie, had a little of puppies together a couple summer's ago and my sister, Wendy, decided to keep one of them! She got Sophia as a puppy as few years ago. 

3. What are their favorite toys?

They both love to chew on rawhide bones filled with peanut butter and...each other. They absolutely love to play and wrestle but don't worry, Sophia knows not to be too rough with little Vienna! 

4. Tell us your favorite Vienna/Sophia story.

I don't have a particular story, but I think it's hilarious when Vienna takes Sophia's bones and hides them under the bed, where Sophia can't reach them. That and Vienna totally wears the pants in their friendship and bosses Sophia around (just like real sisters would).

5. Do Vienna and Sophia have any funny quirks?

Sophia bites her toenails- it's the funniest looking thing. Vienna HAS to sleep underneath the covers at night. 

6. Where do they sleep? 

They love to sleep in bed with my sister, underneath all the covers! They aren't big on cuddling with humans but love to cuddle with each other at the foot of the bed. 

7. Can Vienna or Sophia do any tricks?

Sophia has the whole -sit-stay-laydown-bark!- thing down pat. That pittie girl will do anything for a treat! Vienna's best trick? We tell her "Sit there and look cute!" and she does it- EVERY TIME! She is truly talented :)

8. If you could describe Vienna and Sophia's personality in one word, what would it be?

Vienna: Sassy. She is so small and tiny but as soon as you try and move her off of my sister's lap during cuddle time, she gets very sassy! I swear to God, she HISSED at me one time. I was not happy about that!

Sophia: Loveable. She may be a pitbull and we all know how much pitbulls get a bad rep, but I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Sophia. She will lick your face off, try and sit on your lap if you're watching TV, and is always SO excited to see me whenever I come to visit. 

9. Are there any doggy products you can't live without?

Rawhide bones! The puppies love them, especially filled with yummy treats like peanut butter. 

10. What's the best advice you have for someone who's considering getting a dog? 

I would say that for all dogs (but dachshunds in particular) do lots of research about the breed to know what you're getting into! Dachshunds are very "stuck-up" and stubborn, so potty-training is always rough. They also HATE going outside to potty when it's raining/snowing! Oh, and definitely consider the whole shedding thing, especially if you ever want to be able to wear a dark colored shirt/sweater again.

Thanks so much for letting me introduce my doggie nieces, Sam :)
(Thanks for calling them doggie nieces, Jenna ;) )

On deck for next week: the impossibly cute Jess from Here & Now, my personal pugcrush Doug (better known in the streets as DTP), and his new baby sister Scout. A must read!


  1. What adorable puppies and photos!


  2. I love Jenna, and I love that these two puppies are best friends :)

  3. Oh man, the picture of them spooning is hilarious and adorable!

  4. Oh my lands - the wiener spooning picture is too much adorable for me to handle in one dose, I am definitely going to have to come back to squeal some more when I am not sitting at work getting stared at!

  5. Ahhh! So cute! I LOVE pitties, and would get one in a heartbeat, but our apartment doesn't allow them (dumb.) :( Also, I totally love that Jenna calls them her nieces! I talk about my canine nephew and niece all the time, too :) I'm still totally loving this Blog Dogs series!!

  6. Aw, my baby girls are famous ;) Thanks again for having us, Sam!

    -Jenna Brianne


  8. Ok this is just too much cute. Puppies spooning?? Just stop :)

  9. I love that you did a law paper on the pitbull issue. I totally believe that any dog can be sweet/evil depending on how they are raised.

    These two "sisters" are SO FREAKING ADORABLE! I cannot believe they like to cuddle so much! And of course the doxie is the boss, they are totally like that.


  10. Awwww, yay! So glad I got to "meet" Vienna & Sophia, soo adorable! :)
    And that spooning picture, oh my goodness.. too cute for words!

    I'd really love to do this sometime Sam with my baby beagles! SO precious.
    kristina in retroworter

  11. I can't stand this cuteness. I.CAN'T.FLIPPING.TAKE.IT. Every time I scrolled down for the next picture my heart melted more and more!

  12. I have two doxies and you NAILED it with them :) SO sweet and loyal with these pics! :)


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