Thursday, February 21, 2013

OOTD | The Non-Magical World of Not Harry Potter

 Jacket: Nordie's | Old Navy: Sweater | Jeans: Gap | Flats: ShoeMint | Scarf: Target | Earrings: F21

I'm snuggling on the couch with the dogs (ask me if I'm wearing pants. The answer is no) during some seriously gross weather wondering why I thought leaving Harry Potter world was a good idea.

It wasn't.

Somehow, I woke up on Monday morning (at three in the morning because my parents didn't consider the ramifications of a 6am flight) with an entire mouth of cold sores. Since I consider it highly unlikely that I contracted herpes while on a family vacation with my parents (one of which believes, much like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the Windex, that Purell wipes are the cure to all life's evils) I'm going to go with God is smiting me for ever daring to leave Hogsmeade.

If you've ever wondered if "fully blood-blistered lips and two leprosy-esque cold sores" are ever going to be the next big thing, yeah no. I am so cute right now you have no idea.

Luckily I have a whole day to pull myself together (as in get a tan, and a mani/pedi, and these lips off mah face... the roots have to wait til next week) before my girlfraaan date tonight that will include MULTIPLE Fruit Loop martinis. And in my book, Loopy martinis are second only to butterbeer. And Jack Daniels, let's not get cray.

>> Formal Invitation Alert <<

Frankenweenie and I are crashing Chicago next Saturday! March 2nd for those of you getting down witcha bad iCal-selves. Expect live tweeting and Instagramming and horrible, horrible guilt come Budgeting Bloggers time. If you'll be anywhere in a six hour radius (I'm looking at you, L-Dawg!!) you should come to dinner! We have no details yet. I don't even know what I'm eating for breakfast yet. You in?


  1. I'm totally jealous you got to go to Harry Potter World! I've been begging people to take me since it opened. No luck so far.

    Also, this outfit is adorable. Your shoes are too cute!

  2. So cool you and Fran are getting together! I know you'll have a blast! So sorry about you cold sores, so not cool! I hope they make a speedy exit!

  3. Ah, I actually know how you feel right now. You might have (wait for it) coxsackie virus, which is a mouth and throat sore virus (transmitted just like a cold, so no judgment, people)! Gargle with pepto bismol and children's cough syrup. My doctor told me to do that and it helped! Hope you feel better and yes this non-fantastical world is no fun.


  5. I already planning to crash your par-tay. Wherever it happens to be.

  6. Awesome!! I'm 2% jealous that you are getting together with Fran! Have fun! I'm excited to follow your adventure on Twitter and Instagram :)

  7. I'll probably be in Chicago in a few weeks to visit my boyfriend, too bad I'm missing you guys!

  8. Ah man tell those cold sore to get the f'*% out of you, sorry to hear you are not feeling good.
    If there wouldn't be the ocean between us, I would def join you ladies :-) It's probably a blast.

    Have fun! (Viel Spaß)


  9. Would love to meet you and Fran sometime but I'm busy that day :-( I'm looking forward to reading about your shenanigans though! Do you live in the city? If you guys ever venture to the northern suburbs, wave hello to me!

  10. Gotta love those cap toe flats! TOO cute.

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  11. Two things:
    1) you just crack me up. I LOVE the comments you leave on my blog and I always love stopping by yours (I know I'll laugh every time). I don't always have/make time to leave a comment, but know that I stop by all.the.time. :)
    2) You look gorg!
    one more thing...
    3) sorry about the mouth herpes. haha!
    xo - Marion

  12. This is such a great look. I'm dying to get a pair of those shoes!

  13. Super cute flats! You look great!

  14. Boo to cold sores. Yay to cap toe flats! I heart you Sam, get well soon;)

  15. I LOVE Harry Potter, and also have the Lego set!! :D I recently made a review on Harry Potter as well! :)


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