Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Harry Potter World & Other Adventures

"What did you do this weekend?" "Oh, just Hogsmeade. NBD."

Nerding out at Honeydukes. Her shirt: Your Mom's a Horcrux. My shirt: 99 Problems But a Snitch Ain't One.


If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, 1) sorry and 2) you probably already know where I was this weekend. Spoiler alert: HARRY. POTTER. WORLD.

There was Hogwarts-ing. There was butterbeer-ing. There was Three Broomstick-ing. There was Ollivander-ing. There was Honeydukes-ing and Zonko's-ing, Bertie Bott's-ing and chocolate frog-ing. There was Hogwarts Express-ing. Dervish and Banges-ing. Dramatically overpriced wand-ing and robe-ing.

I had a little bit of tunnel vision before the trip, what with visions of butterbeer dancing in my head, so not only did I forget to check the weather before I packed, but I had no idea that Universal Studios also included these gems:

Barney the dinosaur, with Baby Bop gettin' down with her bad self.

P.S. I'm getting married here. You're all invited. I'm walking down the aisle to the theme song and the decor is "velociraptor chic." Dad said if I can find a man who'll marry me at Jurassic Park, he'll pay for it.

Challenge accepted.

Because well... Sam, I am.

And if you've ever sought confirmation on that whole "the nut doesn't fall far from the tree" thing, this one's for you.


  1. Oh my gosh, girl! I am SO JEALOUS!!! Your trip looks like it was absolutely fantastic :) Have an amazing rest of your time there! Universal Studios is probably my favorite place in the ENTIRE WORLD.

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. I'm so jealous! I love, love, love Universal! The last time I was there they were still building the Wizarding World of HP :( I'm trying to convince my husband that we NEED to go back so I can see it all (and finally buy a wand, of course) and I'm slowly winning because even though we live in Wisconsin he's a big enough Jurassic Park nerd that he wants to go on vacation too! And by the way...your shirts are amazing!!

  3. that place looks like a lot of fun!!!

    PS pass it along - giveaway going on at my blog :o)

  4. ha ha! that last photo is classic!


  5. Pretty sure my husband would LOVE to get married at Jurassic Park, sorry he's already taken.
    I love your shirts!

  6. Oh man, I am seriously HP obsessed. My husband surprised me with a trip to Orlando for our 2nd anniversary a couple of years ago - he knows the way to my heart :)

    Also, your mom's shirt is AMAZING!

  7. Haha, your shirts are hilarious! Did you make them?

  8. I just died laughing. This trip looks like it was awesome!

  9. ha ha ha! OMG, you are funny:-) That last picture!!
    Looks like an awesome time, thanks for sharing your pics with us.

    XO, Gina

  10. I absolutely LOVE you! You are so classy....yet so damn funny! And I better get an invite to your wedding one day! It is gonna be EPIC...make sure to invite Barney and his friends too!

  11. WHAT. I am so jealous!!! I want to go to Harry Potter World SO BAD!! You are so funny :)


  12. I am beyond jealous that you spent your weekend at Harry Potter world! I SO want to go there!!


  13. I've been dying to try butterbeer! I imagine it tastes like cream soda, which is my favorite soda ever. Am i right!?!?

  14. Looks like you had a great time! I went last year for my birthday and believe me I was so so excited to go! I really wanted to go to the wand shop but the wait was an hour long :-( How fun was the ride in the castle?! I even liked going through the line because umm, Dumbledore's office! Okay, I think I've exposed my nerdiness enough :-)

  15. that last picture... I just can't... I'm sure the words will come to me after I stop tinkling and gasping for air from so much laughing!
    I'm with Franny, I wanna be adopted too!!



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