Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Outfit of the Day | The Gym is My New Boyfriend


^^^And this is why July was the month where outfit posts went to die. Thiiiiis is what I wore.
Turns out the bar exam does this fun thing where it wrecks your brain and makes you fat. Cool bro, cause I was actually just thinking how I have just waaay too much going for me.

This is a lie. I hate to run. But I like what running does to my skinny jeans, so I bitch my way through it. Did you know they have 5Ks at night? With glow sticks?! I'm cautiously optimistic.

I'd rather spend money on clothes I don't sweat all over than the ones that I do. I'm just built that way. But if my workout clothes are crappy and black and gray, I'm not going to wear them, ergo I'm not going to work out.

I like to buy my running shoes (and let's be honest, my heels and my dresses and my swimsuits) from Zappos because oh hi - FREE RETURNS. Le free. I ordered my Kinvaras (best. shoes. ever.) in 8, 8.5, and 9, and I could try them all on just like I'd do in a store, except they're WAY CHEAPER than in the store. Amaahhhhzzinggg.

I'm not a workout in just my sports bra kind of girl, but that doesn't mean I don't want them to be cute as fuhhh. Cue Target, as per usual.

Howww convenient that the $25 Target gift card giveaway is going on right meow. Go forth and enter and then go getchaself some... everything in the world. Because that's what Target sells.

I found this Etsy shop through Pinterest and I want, you know, every single one. I'm buying the legs day tank in bulk and leaving a stack by all of the arm machines. YOU MAD BRO?!

Where do you guys find cute gym stuff? BETTER YET, what's your favorite class to take? I need to branch out. I'm like a little workout shrub that needs to blossom into a... yeah it's my bedtime.

 pleated poppy


  1. That Etsy shop is going to ruin all plans I had for not spending money this month. Thanks, Sam!
    My favorite sports bras are from Nike, I just stalk the clearance section like some weird sales-panther until some show up, because 60$ for a sports bra? No thanks!

  2. The gym has been my boyfriend for a while now, i think its serious ;-) Love the IU nods in your workout attire! And I am addicted to buying C9 sports bras in fun colors.


  3. The gym is a fabulous'll never let you down...LOL. Isn't amazing how great gym clothes help us stay on track. I have those running shorts from Target. Love them!

    great post
    XO, Gina

  4. Love this post about cute workout gear because let's be real... if it isn't cute, I'm not putting it on. And if I don't put it on, then I won't work out.

    Here are two etsy shops that I LOVE for their workout tanks: and

    As far as workouts go, you should see if there is a Pure Barre in your area. I'm obsessed with PB classes. They look super easy but totally kick your ass!

  5. I really love Zumba classes, because they are pretty high intensity and are more fun than running for me. Lately, I've been reading while I ride the stationary bike, because I hate to workout and I love to read, so I'm tricking myself.

  6. lol you are too funny! love the shoes!

  7. Ah, those Etsy tanks are hilarious. I have a personal trainer and to be honest, she is the only reason I have been able to dedicate myself to working out. I also love Zumba, ballet barre, (some) yoga, and CrossFit.

    xo, alison*elle

  8. I think I have said this before, but one of the many reasons I love you is that you are as real as they holding back and funny as hell, plus being adorably gorg doesn't hurt either!! :)

  9. I'm doing the Electric Run this year -- at night! with glow sticks! and a DJ! Couldn't be more excited (and I'm also not really into running). Also, if your gym offers hip hop, I highly recommend it! Zumba's just not the same...

  10. I love these testy-shirts, so funny! Love your new shoes too :)

  11. I need to get some new workout gear - I have two pairs of running capris and a bunch of gross college tees...I think it's time I get some fun tops and shorts! I love those tanks you posted - so funny!!

  12. I think I need some of those tees in my life - I HAAAAAAAAATE running ... but I trudge through it, sometimes ...

  13. You crack me up pretty lady! I was juuuuust finishing up a post about how I hate working out because of the sweat factor & that I have zero cute clothes to wear while doing it... you are a genius, those tanks are my everything!

  14. Ok, that Etsy page is AMAZING. I've been wanting to get sassy workout tanks about working out for ages now. GETTING EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    Also, I used to just dress like a scrub to the gym. Until about 2 months ago, when I started investing in cute workout clothes. Makes me seriously at least 10x more excited to work out. Feeling cute, I mean. Just hit up TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They have tons of stuff for cheap@


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