Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Post | Fleurani : An Old Flame Never Dies

I'm guest posting for my hot German friend Ani today for her "An Old Flame Never Dies" series. Seriously, isn't she the cutest? Plus she teaches me fun German words like "miauh" (that's how cats meow in German) and wunderbar (wonderful) and glamourisish (not actually German, but still awesome).

Click over to fleurani and find out which of these pieces I've had since I was a junior in college... and the fact that that's been many moons ago makes me feel sooooo oooollllddddd. And if you're clicking over for the first time from Ani's blog (or a linkup, or from space, or from the internet generally), hi! Psyched to meet you guys! Leave me your site so I can find you, and don't forget to follow on Twitter and Pinterest :)

(PSA: If you're hitting up the online day-after-Christmas sales, don't forget to sign up for eBates first!)

30 for 30 starts in six days!
Want to join in? Check out this post to learn more about it. I'll be putting up a list of those participating so we can stalk each other and there'll be a full link-up once a week. Guarantee you'll have fun, or I'll make you cookies!

 pleated poppy


  1. How fun! That skirt is awesome too :)

  2. Great outfit!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  3. I love that sequin skirt and its so perfect with the maroon tights! This outfit is fabulous I love it!

  4. OMG - I'm seriously in love with that glitter skirt! You look fantastic :)

  5. hi, i can teach you german words too. THANKS FOR NOT ASKING ME TO THOUGH. its fine, whatever.

  6. I love her blog! You look great!

  7. Love the eBates shoutout. My favorite site! You look fab.


  8. Loooove this outfit! (And I'm totally behind on blogs again.) I bought some burgundy tights but haven't worn them yet! Thanks for the inspiration. xoxo.


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